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  1. Did Brookline just ban oil and gas?

    We can, but we need to build new, modern nuclear reactors to do that.
  2. Did Brookline just ban oil and gas?

    Even with batteries, the amount of solar panels you would need to be self reliant is pretty large. For the average house (which uses an average of about 30 kwh per day) you'd need about 400 square meters (4305 square feet) of panels assuming you have an average of 8 hours per day of maximum...
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Someone is drunk/stoned off their ass or something...
  4. 2020 Warren wins

    Those are things they've already been doing though. While they haven't done much to significantly reduce people's trust in banks, every single Democrat candidate is running on a platform of significantly raising taxes. They've also been putting forth plans to take over private businesses. Health...
  5. Hands free cell phone legislation coming soon

    Mine Subaru won't even let me use GPS over Bluetooth. It's grayed out on the screen until I plug the phone in to the USB port. You can use Pandora or other music apps over Bluetooth.
  6. Latest woke feminist sequel bombs, Charlie's Angels

    I'm pretty sure that PornHub could provide statistics that prove that one wrong.
  7. Hands free cell phone legislation coming soon Mobile is already in the text of the current law.
  8. Hands free cell phone legislation coming soon

    Nevermind. The word "mobile" is already in the original text that this is amending.
  9. Hands free cell phone legislation coming soon

    The fact that they use the term "electronic device" instead of "mobile electronic device" here makes it seem like they can bust you for just adjusting the radio while driving. That may not be their intent but I wouldn't put it past them...
  10. Hands free cell phone legislation coming soon

    Nope. Police, public safety personnel and other emergency respondors are explicitly exempt from this law.
  11. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    For these two teams maybe, but that's probably more than the total ticket revenue from this past weekend's Jets-Redskins game, which saw ticket prices as low as $5 and they still couldn't fill the stadium.
  12. Walking Dead Season 10

    There were definitely a couple scenes in "Ghosts" (the episode where Carol is on uppers and starts seeing things) that made me jump. There are still too many filler episodes though. I don't need a backstory on how Alpha met Beta.
  13. H-3945 Statewide plastic bag ban is now tied up in Beacon Hill

    Studies have shown that this is what people (even those who support these ridiculous bans) end up doing after the ban is in effect. They realize they need a plastic bag for one of the mentioned reasons and buy their own.
  14. Chick-Fil-A, the Dick's Sporting Goods of the fast food world.

    From what I understand, they had made a multi-year commitment to those organizations which has expired. For whatever reasons they're choosing not to renew them. They haven't said it's because of the protests, instead it's the protesters saying that they won.
  15. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    You mean like this? View:
  16. They've Taken This Gender-Neutral Thing Too Far

    I think this is just more of a spin on an old thing, rather than being a new thing itself. There have always been drinks that are considered feminine. I can remember being at family BBQs before I was old enough to legally purchase alcohol, scrounging through the cooler, pulling something out and...
  17. Pending Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes in Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers' Cars

    The cynic in me says that this wasn't unintentionally poorly written. 18650 batteries are used in a lot of things that have nothing to do with vaping. It gives them a new tool to target you for harassment and theft.
  18. Myles Garrett attacks Mason Rudolph

    Rudolph also is getting fined but they haven't released how much. I get the whole mindset of you've got to let them play and that a lot of the things they're doing, if done outside the game, would be assault. On the other hand though, during the game, how far removed from the game do a player's...
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