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  1. Looking for a new range toy

    I have one as well. Eats any 9mm ammo, even the cheapest crap and still shoots great. No kick at all at this caliber.

    Nice! Do we get to stay at the same hotel Jeffery Epstien used all those years?
  3. Sleep improvement...

    I have just the nose mask. Similar to the pillows but covers the nose. Some nights are better than others. I am starting to sleep better, and longer since i started to have dreams again. Weird ones, but none the less unless you are going into REM you will not dream, so the mask is starting to...
  4. Sleep improvement...

    Just got a machine myself a few weeks back. They said i was stopping breathing 53 times in one hour. Huh? In any case, still trying to get used to this damn thing. Not comfortable at all. Forget about sleeping on your stomach.
  5. SPAM phone calls

    I have even received calls from myself according to my caller id. Unreal. 5-8 a day. The national do not call list is a friggin joke.
  6. Prostate help.

    Save your money as they do not work. Go to an urologist and get a script for FlowMax.
  7. Is there a recovery period for hearing loss?

    Did the aids help reduce this noise from the tinnitus?
  8. Any chopper pilots here?

    Since i fly RC large choppers, i will not fly in real ones, since i know how they really are. They are always looking for a place to crash.
  9. Attempted Scam on WTB thread

    I agree, just stating it like it is. I am on a variety of different forums from cameras to telescopes to car parts and the statement stays the same.
  10. Attempted Scam on WTB thread

    Posting a WTB ad is inviting scumbags into the house.
  11. Beef Jerky

    I have a few new brands to try now. Maybe will rethink the making my own as well. thanks guys.
  12. Beef Jerky

    Ok, i did a search and there is info on making your own jerky, but since i am a lazy ass and dont have time for that, i want to hear from the guys who buy it, and which brand seems to be really really good. Not interested in bargain priced crap you cannot chew, but something tasty. Dont care...
  13. "Automatic Restraining Order" ?

    At least in Mass you only have to pay alimony until your legal retirement age, not forever like it used to be. BFD
  14. Updated - Driver seat foam replacement, shop in Norwood/Norfolk area?

    Marks Auto Upholstering in Foxboro, MA 2035 Directions and Hours and Reviews
  15. Springfield TRP 6” 10mm

    I have the 5" version with the RMR mounted and its a tackdriver. Kickback is not bad, trigger is nice, and after 100 rds, not alot really, not one issue as of yet. Seems to be a real well built piece. I would imagine the 6" would kick a little less.
  16. Any have experience with Carmax?

    There is also a report out there that the vehicles they purchase may be subject to man recalls, which they do not care about doing before a vehicle is sold. Its your problem to find out if one is attached to the vehicle you purchased and have it fixed.
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