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  1. Prosecutor killed in freak accident when gun goes off in court

    They introduced a loaded gun as an exhibit? Do South African courts not allow both parties to stipulate, so they can exhibit a photograph instead of the actual artifact? More likely, the prosecutor was the one who insisted on exhibiting the actual firearm.
  2. White House Source: Trump Made Unexpected Hospital Visit to Test For Intentional Poisoning

    I'd look at Ronna McDaniel and Mike Pence, the only insiders who have an interest in Trump not being able to run in 2020.
  3. Littleton Residents - We need your help!!! - FFL Attack underway

    :rolleyes: The additional $225 is the "fast lane" surcharge.
  4. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    This Camry is a "SRVIVR"... barely. Guess I won't ask what happened to the other guy.
  5. 10 Shot, Four Killed At Family Gathering In Fresno CA

    Gee, why would they keep a gang hit low key? It's an Asian neighborhood (common in Fresno), so yes, everybody on the scene was Asian. Even the cops.
  6. 10 Shot, Four Killed At Family Gathering In Fresno CA

    Very few updates.
  7. Remington and Sandy Hook

    It's worse than that. Their goal isn't to win the lawsuit against Remington, their goal is to use discovery to force Remington to release all their internal discussions and marketing decisions, stuff that can be used against them both in future court cases, and in the court of public opinion:
  8. Day care worker fired over note telling mother to ..."No! Put him on a diet and go away!" is "bullying"

    Once you get past mom's fake cursive, there's a few similarities; It's east Texas, they probably all dropped out of the same school. OTOH, the article states "KTRK says after an investigation, the employee who admitted to writing the message was fired ".
  9. Crazy 3D-printed, layered cubes can withstand bullets travelling at 5.8km per second

    Somehow I doubt these "polymer cubes" are more effective per cubic inch or or per dollar than more readily available materials. Maybe ounce-for-ounce better than kevlar, but look like they'd occupy much more space?
  10. Sheriff: Man makes large bank withdrawal, gets robbed by his teller in home invasion

    I wonder how many bank employees see CTR forms and have a similar idea, but are more honest than this teller? Last time I took out any real cash money, spent it the same day at the gun & knife show. So teller wouldn't have fared as well (and I'd have gotten a warning for "hunting over bait").
  11. Day care worker fired over note telling mother to ..."No! Put him on a diet and go away!" is "bullying"

    "A director at the center tells says the employee admitted to writing the message and was fired." So day care operator agreed this employee overstepped, and took appropriate action. Not news.
  12. Tavor shotgun

    Too bad LaserLyte discontinued the "Kryptonyte Center Mass".
  13. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    They do -- Center for Migration Studies estimates the overstay population has outnumbered border-crossers every year since 2007. Not only would arrivals need to show a return ticket to be allowed in, just to board a plane to the USA departing from South America requires a US-issued visa; most...
  14. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    That's the thing -- only the strawmen are claiming a wall would be a perfect preventative measure for illegal crossings. Border control doesn't need to be 100% effective to make a difference. Disincentivizing illegal immigration is a partial fix; just need to be careful to avoid the...
  15. Ethanol Free Gas

    Hint for anybody heading to Vermont this winter -- "Stewart's Shops" (most locations) have 91-octane is labeled as "Ethanol Free" right on the pump Just paid $3.13/gallon. I don't trust the "pure-gas" website; even the entries claiming to be recently updated are hit-or-miss, with many...
  16. Putting smart switches in a 4 way circuit, 3 switches

    There are several "smart switches" available today designed to support multi-way circuits where you only need rewire one switch, like this:
  17. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    Sadly, minefields are politically incorrect. Our direction is clear -- we use the sequestered carbon to build the border wall. Problem solved!
  18. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Friendly: HIHWRYA
  19. Colorado School Suspends 17-Year-Old After She Posted a Non-Threatening Gun Photo With Her Older Brother

    Public schools, cannot just "make policies", in this case, the policy isn't just stupid and unfair, but also likely unlawful. See Tinker v. Des Moines Government schools cannot step on student's first amendment rights willy-nilly, They need to show that the speech both has direct nexus to...
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