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  1. Bolt Carrier

    I like the Colt SP64028 BCG. Not carved out in the bottom rear, capable of tripping auto sear. Has a little more weight. Always run great for me. I got my last one here at a decent price Colt M16/AR15 Complete Bolt Carrier Assembly - NEW - C ETCHED/MPC MARKED Much better than Brownells price.
  2. Joe Biden: No One Needs a ‘Magazine with 100 Clips in It’

    Stop knocking the current crop of Dem candidates LOL. I certainly don't want them to find and nominate a smooth talking liar who can convince the low info voters that nothing bad will happen to us all if they are elected. Crazy is GOOD. Bumbling idiots are GOOD. The current crop will all fail.
  3. Superintendent of Massachusetts State Police, Col. Kerry Gilpin Retiring

    I think that considering the "pay in amount" vs the pay out, WE the taxpayers, did most of the "paying in" ROTFLOL If we didn't do the paying in for these public employees we certainly will do the paying out.
  4. Ever Completely humbled by your gun snobbery?

    Reevaluating is never a bad thing. An open mind is a learning mind.
  5. These Monday Changes S*ck. Bring Back the Old NES

    I don't get logged out spontaneously anymore!
  6. ATF definition of firearm is faulty

    Christ, the lawyer got his client off but now I suppose the ATF will change the definition of an AR style firearm to include possession of any lower and any upper that can be fitted to it. The Govt. never likes to be proven wrong.
  7. As president ..... A gun in every pot

    Hmm. 1.It includes a defacto gun registration program on Federal level. 2. It includes a defacto universal background check. 3. Only sh...ty guns provided. 4. Worst of all it arms millions of libtards that likely are susceptible to antifa like behavior who might otherwise not bother to own a...
  8. Police department mailing LTC’s now??

    We got a new police chief this year. Maybe that's why a change in policy?
  9. Cheshire County Range Officer Opening?

    You are not a FUDD. What other purpose is there for a dummy gun other than to demonstrate how to SAFELY handle a REAL gun? Movie prop is the only exception I can think of and people have been shot with guns that were mistakenly loaded with live rounds on movie sets as well.
  10. Mass Superior Court judge arrested on domestic charges - LTC suspended

    Her honor must have found her wife to be in contempt. Sentenced her to a sharp pull of the hair.
  11. Mass Superior Court judge arrested on domestic charges - LTC suspended

    But what brand of strapon does she choose? LOL
  12. Govt surveillance

    Don’t know if this is a dupe but it is concerningExclusive: Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App
  13. Meghan McCain: There Will Be Violence if Government Tries to Take AR-15s

    First thing this Trump hating has said that made any sense.
  14. Ok which One of you did it

    My take on loose dogs: If I walk past a property and the resident dog barks at me and threatens, well that's what it's supposed to do. If it comes onto MY very rural property and menaces me or my animals it is going to have a bad day. Whip a baseball sized rock at it at the very least.
  15. Mass says, no fun for you

    Sounds like something else. LOL
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