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  1. Auto insurance adjuster

    Holy crap, that's about what happened to me! I'm going to contact the AASP
  2. Auto insurance adjuster

    The car is actually still at the body shop. I haven't gone down there to clean it out of my personal belongings or sign anything. I've made it abundantly clear I won't be signing anything over until we have a mutually agreed upon value.
  3. Auto insurance adjuster

    I tried that and the woman I'm dealing with didn't seem to care one bit. She said they're paying NADA value and that's it.
  4. Auto insurance adjuster

    It's liberty mutual and they did indeed use CCC. I told them after reviewing the report that I found inaccuracies and they didn't seem to care. The only thing they cared about was the modifications I did to the vehicle, which they did grant me another $1000. I'm just so far below what they're...
  5. Auto insurance adjuster

    It's totaled, not sure why as the value is much greater than even half the cost to repair but regardless. They value the vehicle at 9100, NADA is 13.3k supposedly and I can't even find a semi comparable vehicle for less than 15.5 with most being in the 16-17k range.
  6. Auto insurance adjuster

    Hey I was wondering if anyone on here is a insurance adjuster here in MA. I was in a accident almost two weeks ago and the insurance company is dicking me around on a value. I was curious what my actual rights are etc. Feel free to send me a PM. Thank you
  7. WTS Remington 783

    340 or make a reasonable offer
  8. WTS Projectiles

    Bump, open to REASONABLE offers.
  9. WTS Remington 783

  10. WTS Projectiles

    Sierra .44cal 180gr #8600 - 3avail - $25ea Nosler .30cal 180gr #25396 - 2avail - $30ea Nosler .30cal 180gr #16331 - 3avail -$30ea Barnes TSX .30cal mix - 50 - $20
  11. Which OAL to use for 45 ACP?

    I do 230gr @ 1.250
  12. WTS Remington 783

    Selling a brand new, never fired Remington 783 .300win mag. Bought it last year with the hopes of using it and my personal life has taken a turn. It's the scoped model as you can tell, comes with 4 boxes of Winchester ammo. Open to trades as well. $400
  13. whatcha got for big bore handguns....

    Just a little bit..
  14. whatcha got for big bore handguns....

    My DW .44MAG
  15. Best Caliber for New England Deer Hunting?!

    .308 or .300wm are my go to. Picking up a 7mm-08 soon though.
  16. Hk bending jig

    Don't feel bad I missed it too. I have a flat that needs some bending.
  17. Wanting a new rifle

    I'm very impressed with the Remington 783 I bought last year. Got mine in .300wm and it was pretty cheap. What's the rifle going to be used for?
  18. Benches and vises

    That 200 is a beast. I have one mounted to my bench at work. Thing is indestructible. I use a old Bridgeport vice, two Wilton C-Clamps clamped down to a table.
  19. Black Friday 2018

    I'd try to talk you out of it but my GM barrel is a gem. Now I have to order one..
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