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  1. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    In NY too. Shot a nice 6pt at 9am Life is good
  2. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    3 unanswered goals. WTF.
  3. WTS Malaysia 7.62 ammo, new. 40 rnd boxes

    PPU Malaysian ammo, 7.62x51 ball, 40 rnd boxes. $16.00/each13 boxes maybe more, will look. Trade equal value 556/223/9mm factory. also have 8 boxes of Dutch, 7.62x51 Fmj, 20rnds/box $11.00/box All laws followed, Franklin area must have valid LTC 40 Round Box - 7.62x51mm L2A2 Ball Surplus Ammo...
  4. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Chasing these 2, actually a third not visible in pic. Z10. Was in woods behind this property fri eve, and land owner texted me this pic @6:00 and said “move closer to my house”.Wtf? I was prob 100yds in woods. Good news only 2 guys have permission, and I’m one of em. Aaaarrrgh!
  5. WTS UZI Soft sided case

    WTS Brand new Uzi soft side case. $75.00 These are on GB for $145.00 Franklin area. Pm me Thx
  6. Your New Knife!

    Dan Coppins, BHK, skinner. Can’t wait to get under the skin of some white tail this fall!
  7. WTS DeSantis holster for SW 5” 1911

    Wts . $30.00 Slightly used but really nice. Has SW logo embossed on front. Don’t use. Pm me if interested. Bellingham. Thanks Dan-o
  8. WTS SW Gunsite Scandium frame 1911/.45acp

    Bump No ftf transfers left
  9. WTS Osprey Xenith 75 backpack

  10. Fall is here.....

  11. WTS Spiderco Police, serrated folder

  12. WTS Osprey Xenith 75 backpack

  13. Hired The "Home Repair Contractor From Hell".. Can they sue/recover?

    Not sure if already mentioned, here but I would remove interior casing and see if any insulation was used. Might not notice til winter.
  14. WTS Osprey Xenith 75 backpack

    For sale, Osprey 75 Xenith backpack. Bought last year at a fundraiser for Veterans( New England adventures), I knew it was a little big for my needs, day trips, but it was for a good cause. I used it one day this past weekend and had too much empty space for my day trip needs...
  15. Fredo Cuomo Loses his Sh*t, awesome video.

    He was almost there, one more Fredo would of put him over the edge, other guy could of cashed in on that one. I would of pushed the button one more time haha.
  16. WTS Spiderco Police, serrated folder

    Price drop $50.00
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