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  1. Charter Arms Target Pathfinder

    Any reason to avoid acquiring one? An inexpensive and reliable .22 revolver is what I'm wanting, and don't want to travel too for to get one. It won't get a lot of use, and will often be exposed to a hostile environment.
  2. Pheasant season eve

    Tried to sneak out of the house to go bird hunting with the pointer while leaving the retired cocker behind, but the jig was up as soon as she spotted me wearing briar pants. She was pissed (she doesn't know she's retired). You wouldn't want to visit this place until they stock it again...
  3. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    And later this morning...
  4. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    While I was working...
  5. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    The mock scrape is gathering more attention
  6. EPO vs. dirt bike rider (RI) "A Department of Environmental Management Police Officer (EPO) shot at a dirt bike rider after being struck and injured by a man at the Big River Management Area in West Greenwich at...
  7. What have you seen lately?

    Interesting trail cam rigging. It's facing the entrance to a pheasant stocked WMA (Southampton).
  8. People following Stocking trucks in...

    "was told by a witness" meh. There's no shortage of examples of poor sportsmanship out there. I go after pheasants for the dogs, and try to ignore the toolbags.
  9. Where to buy skis/boots

    Competitive Edge, in Holyoke.
  10. Shotgun for coyote

    I'm not aware of any commercial 2 3/4 shotshell loads for predators. Sorry, I meant to say Winchester Varmint X, 3 inch.
  11. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Tough getting them to fit into the frame
  12. Shotgun for coyote

    In MA, restricted to no larger than FF shot. I've got a bunch of Hornady Coyote Magnum Winchester Varmint X in BB, and a handful of HeviShot Dead Coyote size T.
  13. Shotgun for coyote

    I just noticed the RIA VR80 here: I've been hesitant to mount a thermal scope on my Versa Max due to fear of stripping out the mounting holes for the rail. And I don't wan't to subject the thermal scope to the recoil...
  14. Rock Island Armory VR80

    This looks like something I might need. Is the pic rail part of the upper, or attached? ETA The parts listing in the manual calls out the rail as being part of the upper receiver.
  15. Winter motorcycle storage

    I've also stored bikes inside an enclosed trailer, with no ill effects to the bikes.
  16. Winter motorcycle storage

    My bikes stored inside a shed (wood, 4" air gap under it, over stone) show no signs of weathering. But some bikes I've kept in the garage (attached, not heated, concrete floor) have gotten some surface corrosion. I'm more concerned with critters causing damage, but they seem more interested in...
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