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  1. Making the Mass Pike

    with all the cronyism and fluffing that goes on in backroom deals, i cannot fathom the cost to complete a project like this these days. we know mass poli's cant count past one, since they ignore the 2nd, nevermind adding a lot of zeros behind that.
  2. reloading for rifle

    I have a rock chucker, lee turret, and XL650. 22 different calibers across all presses, some quantity, some quality loads, although even at volume, quality is the goal. rock chucker usually sees my hunting loads and load development. high quality loads take time. ladder work up for load...
  3. Bolt Carrier

    I have Windham Weaponry BCGs in every AR (15 or 10) have except one upper for LR-308. They always work fine. Usually have a black friday sale and I pick up new ones then for new uppers. havent had to replace yet
  4. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    I got my wife set up with a Mission Craze at KTP when we lived out that way. I dont remember exactly but $400 or less and its a fully adjustable bow both draw length and poundage (24-30" maybe lower length, id have to look, and 15-70 pounds). You kid could grow with a bow along those lines.
  5. NY Deer Hunter Killed

    required or not, when the bullets start to fly, the orange is going on (VT does not mandate orange for example)
  6. 9mm assembly - parts experience/reviews

    do you remember the brand you used?
  7. 9mm assembly - parts experience/reviews

    can you elaborate on the reliability issue?
  8. 9mm assembly - parts experience/reviews

    Got the stamp for SBR in 556 and want to pursue a 9mm set up for my next toy. looking for any reviews or experience with any the parts i'm thinking of using. mag well adapter - uzi mags to be modified since they are cheap...
  9. Don't make this mistake!!

    i don't have the powder check, but i put a small flashlight in the center hole to be able to see into cases. once measured, i eyeball what the powder level looks like in a case. has worked so far for me with no squibs or over/under charges. (obviously eyeballing wont tell me exact charge, but...
  10. What does your family think about shooting?

    when your wife rolls her eyes, that the universal signal of approval right?
  11. Post-Downtime Thread

    but does it work in Tapatalk?
  12. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    An Incredibly Simple Way to Kill A Tree
  13. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    eForm 1 filed: 10/11 Prints: received 10/21 approved: 10/31 [party]
  14. Form 1 SBR Questions

    so buy the rifle length Vector, eForm 1 and convert? assuming barrel swap capability on those (im not too familiar with that model)
  15. Large Cage Traps WTF

    tractor supply ETA: pittsfield at least
  16. ATF definition of firearm is faulty

    i googled the TTAG article title and nothing came up. my bad
  17. ATF definition of firearm is faulty

    The ATF's Definition of an AR-15 Lower as a 'Firearm' Is In Serious Trouble - The Truth About Guns interesting hush-hush bureaucracy at its finest.
  18. US judge rejects detention for Attleboro man facing federal ammo charge

    so does this mean companies can start shipping to mass again since its not a dangerous weapon??!!! [pot]
  19. Rifle VS Pistol

    i think the general sequence is pistol --> rifle - OK rifle --> pistol - NO if its something like a MechTech upper on a glock/1911 frame its fine.
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