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  1. Horse Fatally Shot During Deer Season

    It happens somewhere every year. If not a horse, it's a cow.
  2. Bolt Carrier

    No, it's not snake oil. Like Pappy said, they are just ensuring the bolt properly headspaces on that extension. Bolts are fairly inexpensive, so it's not a bad idea to change it with each barrel, especially high-dollar barrels that typically will go 5000+ rds before they need a change.
  3. Bullseye equipment

    I made my own. Found the plans online.
  4. Bolt Carrier

    Headspace on an AR is the interplay between the bolt and barrel extension. If those two parts are within industry spec. then headspace is good. There's really no way to tweak it to get better headspace for accuracy. The parts are either in spec or not. If headspace is off, you have bad parts...
  5. Bolt Carrier

  6. Bolt Carrier

    The bolt is the wear item that needs periodic replacing. Not often, but every couple of barrels or so. The carrier doesn't really see any wear at all. I just drive over to Windham Weaponry whenever I get a sale notice that they have complete BCG's for $100. Nothing special; just mill spec parts.
  7. Bolt Carrier

    When it comes to bolt carriers, how is anything beyond mil-spec an "upgrade".
  8. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    I wasnt disappointed by The Pacific at all. Maybe too much time wasted on love stories in Australia and back here in the U.S., but top notch other than that. Read the books on which it is based: With The Old Breed on Peleilu and Okinawa and Helmet For My Pillow.
  9. Maine deer hunting report 11/9/19

    Maine deer are few and far between. You can do everything right and get skunked while the guy who does everything technically wrong tags out every year. Never discount the "shit luck" element when it comes to deer hunting.
  10. Bullseye equipment

    $1400 with the ultra dot and mount.
  11. Bullseye equipment

    Do you need a .22? I've got a Hammerli SP20 looking for a new home.
  12. New Bino recommendations

    I have the Vortex Diamondbacks 8x. Really very nice.
  13. Precision Long Range for SHTF

    Maybe I read this wrong, but anybody who relies on the mathematics/science of shooting instead of trigger time is doomed to failure.
  14. Two World Wars Meets Modern Warfare! Convert Your AR15 to A 1911!

    I haven't watched the clip, but are they saying a .45 is more powerful than a .223??
  15. CMP

  16. 2019-2020 Snowmobile thread

    100 miles for 1 club is a lot. I hope they're mostly logging roads. Our club hooks up every Sunday morning. Today was bridge building.
  17. 2019-2020 Snowmobile thread

    Them Yamaha's are heavy beasts.
  18. How vital is scent control?

    You guys must be hunting bionic deer or something. I've broken probably every single one of the scientific Field & Stream "rules" of deer hunting and still seem to tag out almost every year.
  19. New Tool Purchase help needed...

    Maybe in a shop setting where you are in the same spot every day. Other than that, i see no need to ever again use the corded tools I have. If you don't think battery tools have the power of corded, you haven't used the new generation. The convenience of not having to plug in far outweighs any...
  20. What have you seen lately?

    It's funny: you think you know a patch of woods or what might be in the neighborhood, then this guy shows up out of nowhere. How many points?
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