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  1. onX Hunt App

    I use it. Mark my stand locations or where I want to put potential stands with red waypoints. I Mark other hunters stand locations that I come across in yellow. You can use it to measure line distances so you know that you're far enough from a house or roadway. I also like the weather it tells...
  2. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    The bear cruzer g2 adjust from 5 to 70 lb. Draw length adjust from 12 in to 30 in. No bow press needed. They stock that at kittery trading Post. Comes RTH. for about $425
  3. Amazon package EXPLODES in woman's hands !

    View: I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago. His kids ordered it. He said they were dangerous as fuc..
  4. Moving & Packaging Firearms. Ideas?

    That's a great idea something like this. You could even chain it down in the back of the bed.
  5. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    I heard some guy say you cant have colts either today.

    Just speculating. Maybe that was for marketing purposes. They introduced them at an extremely low price. For a complete factory upper. Now if you want them you have to buy the whole gun.
  7. Time change

    I'm having lunch now it's only 10: 45. If you're hungry eat if you're thirsty DRINK.
  8. 2019-2020 Snowmobile thread

    I'm going to have to look into it. I never knew there were that many trails in Massachusetts I'm finding it harder to get away for the weekend. I have been riding in Maine for over 20 years. Now my kids are both school-aged and too many activities going on. It's also getting harder to deal with...
  9. Post-Downtime Thread

    I just noticed the viewer count that's pretty cool. Unless it has always been there and I've just been in a fog.
  10. Tree stand ethics?

    I cannot, I will see if I can find it on my lunch break I'm going on what I was told by someone so I could be wrong. I did a quick Google search. And all I could find was that that was required on federal property.
  11. Tree stand ethics?

    I'm aware of that law. When I said permanent I meant leaving it in for a month. you are allowed to erect a standing on DCR property as long as you don't damage the tree. For 30 days as long as your name and phone number is on it. That's why I don't get hangers very few trees are telephone pole...
  12. Tree stand ethics?

    View: Hilarious I just googled it
  13. Tree stand ethics?

    I don't know if I'd go that far. I like my freedom LOL. But I no what you mean.
  14. Tree stand ethics?

    I think they have every right to hunt there. Just not in my stand. They could set up a stand in the tree right next to me if they wanted to. If you have a chair set up at the beach. Is someone allowed to sit in it because you're not in it? I don't think so but they can set up one right next to...
  15. Tree stand ethics?

    Wow that takes some balls. Maybe when I go in the hunt it I'll lock the seat up. So if someone does try to hunt it they will have to stand the whole time. Lol
  16. Tree stand ethics?

    Today I set up a new stand. Set up climbing steps. When I got to the top to hang my stand. There was a hook and Orange tack in the top of the tree. (Public land). Did not see it from the ground. Hook & tack look pretty old bark was split around the hook. They definitely weren't using a...
  17. How vital is scent control?

    ? Are you telling me I can smoke. Because I'm chewing nicorette after about four hours without a cigarette Then swallowing the evidence so I'm not spitting my sent to the forests floor. lol
  18. How vital is scent control?

    I have those wafers and laundry detergent as well. I also use the body wash and deodorant. I usually break off a few new pine branhes on my way out of the woods and throw them in the tote. It's definitely from the spray. I Soaked my clothes down quite a bit after washing them with the spray...
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