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  1. Holster issue with shield

    Little Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster (Black Leather) I have one of these, very comfortable at 3-4 o'clock. I just dont use it anymore since I carry appendix now. If interested let me know.
  2. CVS and Walgreens announce changes to firearms policies, ask shoppers to not bring guns in

    Walgreens recently bought out rite aid. Sometime last year.
  3. Fredo Cuomo Loses his Sh*t, awesome video.

    No not at all. That tool is a drama queen.
  4. Truck Failed inspection..advice

    I would never go to a chain place like that. There still plenty of local independent shops that wont bust your balls for stuff like that.
  5. My house got broken into today. (What security system do you guys use?)

    Ahh beautiful Fall River, hey i got nothing against Magonis the prime rib is good, but "Italian Bistro" come on man! [rofl]you gotta go to the hill for one of those
  6. Is the WTB forum pointless?

    Worked for me with some tough to find mags.
  7. Favorite after market pistol sights

    For carry/SD i like Ameriglo pro i dots.
  8. What happens to anyone possessing a pre-ban glock hi-cap magazine?

    Thanks for sharing your story, it was an interesting read. Glad it worked out for you in the end. Just curious, why did they have to test fire your firearm?
  9. Which one of you posted this?

    Lol, thats awesome
  10. Glock model

    Same here, i thought it was due to the dual recoil spring in the 4s. Maybe its more the G4 slide on a G2 frame.
  11. If you like Vedder Holsters

    Got a link? I didnt see it on there site.
  12. Best Kydex for G 26?

    If you like the sidecar check out Tier 1. Very similar but i like the flex point in middle. Tier 1 Concealed - Premium Holsters & Accessories
  13. For all the empty chamber guys

    Maybe, maybe not. If he was pressing the trigger instead of trying to rack his odds would have been better.
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