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  1. another pitbull story

    There was also a story a couple weeks back about a man who attacked a woman and her child in a park. This strange pit bull came out of no where and got between the woman and the man with the knife and scared him off. When the woman opened the van door to get in, the dog jumped in like it...
  2. Need advice with possible neglected dog....

    that was weird...I was quoting max, but dixi came up.... anyways.....
  3. Mountain lions extinct in the east?

    Is that like needing a bigger boat?? (ok, ok - you dont' have to groan so loudly [wink] )
  4. Proud uncle

    I'd be a proud Uncle too [smile] ...or Aunt as the case may be. [laugh] Thank him for his service hun!
  5. Help!

    Icy beat me to it [laugh]
  6. Need advice with possible neglected dog....

    Ahhh....I was wondering why the rug was hanging over the rail..... Thanks.
  7. Need advice with possible neglected dog....

    My .02... *IF* you have talked to the neighbor and the dog is still left out there, then email the photos you took to the MSPCA or local AC officer. Don't know about Mass, but a lot of SPCA's have the authority to take the animal. If the dog is left like that all the time, it IS animal abuse...
  8. Happy Birthday Lynne!

    Hello dearhearts! Yes, I'm still alive. Still having some health issues, but when I saw the notification about the thread (Derek, ty for keeping me on :-) ) I had to log in. I do miss you guys. Maybe I'll bounce back in a bit more often. I hope your all behaving. lol Luv, Ma
  9. >>2nd Amendment March DC<< ***BUS TRIP***

    I truly wish I could be with you Boom - and someone is taking my place, which is good. However, with bossman out - I'm next in command......
  10. >>2nd Amendment March DC<< ***BUS TRIP***

    Don't feel bad Max - my boss is on vacation so I'll be staying home too. I will also be with you all in spirit - do us all proud folks - make our voices heard round the world [wink].
  11. Ownership of weapons whose owner has expired LTC?

    You're a bigger man than the mods are. For those newbies who've been scorned, flogged and otherwise beaten up by Scriv....just ignore him. It's nothing personal really. He's just an all around SOB and acts that way towards every one - even the mods.
  12. Brown debating Coakley right now

  13. Best wedding cake topper ever

    Mine was a castle - not a topper, but the whole cake. That count for anything? [smile]
  14. Glenn Beck explains how the airline lost his gun

    [rofl2][rofl2][rofl2] High five on that one luv.
  15. >>2nd Amendment March DC<< ***BUS TRIP***

    January 15th isn't all that far folks. I haven't seen too many respond from the list. Well???
  16. WCVB Senate Poll

    He's got a point there. [laugh]
  17. I don't know who you are...

    That was very nice luv.
  18. Happy Birthday Mr. Weebles, and Number 9!!

    Happy belated dear ones. [smile]
  19. WCVB Senate Poll

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