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  1. Poll: how to dispose of 10-yr-old bulk ammo?

    10 years old? I've got a ton of surplus ammo that goes back to the 70s if not earlier. The only time I had any issues was with some Czech 762 x 45 ammo made in the mid 1950s. IT was all "click.....bang" so I buried it. If it hasn't been in a damp environment temp swings won't bother it. If...
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    WHERE IS this located? Inquiring minds need to know.

    They HATE Connecticut because of the abominable gun laws and uncomfortable business climate. According to the news just now, they will be moving to Wyoming. Anybody out there read "Molon Labe" by Boston T. Party??
  4. Reciprocity

    All US citizen's drivers licenses are covered in all 50 states under Interstate Commerce Clause. ICC divested the states of the power to be able to put up borders from each other or demanding every driver have one of their licenses so you had to have a pocket full of drivers licenses and...
  5. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    2nd vote for Girdling. Simply cut away about 4" of bark all around the biggest stem as close to the ground as possible with a sharp knife. The fluids that feed the tree through the xylem and phloem found just under the bark will be totally interrupted and the tree will die. IT won't harm the...
  6. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Ah come on.......that's simple. "There are no bones in ice cream". Everyone knows that.!
  7. Collings Foundation B17 crash at BDL

    I could not believe that Blumie raced to the news conference to put his skinny gaunt face before the cameras at such a terrible time. It was not unlike him standing on the bodies of the kids at Sandy Hook. He's the ultimate turd politician. What legislation does he think he'll be able to pass...
  8. Collings Foundation B17 crash at BDL

    I live about 10 miles from the airport and my son-in-law is the manager of Signature Air, the major FBO at Bradley. The b17 was the one Collins has been traveling around with the B24 and B25. Witnesses say the plane took off and lost #3 engine, turned to return to the field and didn't make it...
  9. Anyone try fasting?

    You will find literature to the contrary but this is the drinking man's diet. I love my scotch. It's not a diet, however. It's an alternative way of eating.
  10. Anyone try fasting?

    As I age, following a regular low-carb diet becomes less effective. I'm 67, now, and wanted to lose 20-30 pounds. I was very strict, too, no cheating. I discovered intermittent fasting and, in the last 3 weeks, have slowly lost 11 pounds without a hitch. I was a big (low carb) breakfast...
  11. Car Headache

    I would look at two things: 1) The female part of the seat belt. There's microswitch in that belt unit that might fail throwing a code. 2) This one may sound a bit strange but check to see if the clock spring in your steering wheel cover is failed. It's a critical component for the airbag...
  12. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by.

    There is going a lot of space watching to do with SpaceX's ambitious launch and test schedule. Frankly I'm really excited and hope they and the other contenders are wildly successful.
  13. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by. in space. Does anyone thing it hasn't been done? I mean it would put the mile-high club members to shame!
  14. Replacement for Cable TV

    Cut cable for TV. Figure out what the cost would be for just internet and telephone. I don't recommend cell only phone service because it's not that reliable, at least in our neck of the woods in CT. Typically the phone service is pretty cheap anyway. Now, for TV watching, we don't live in a...
  15. Educate me on 20" AR15s

    Just do a search for "AR-15 kits" and you'll find a plethora of them to pick from. Here's one, for instance: in the search type in "ar15 kits" They used to be a lot less expensive. Also, there are no parts in these kits that are illegal to order. As a kit...
  16. WW2 Bringbacks in New England

    When I was in my C&R collecting hey-day I would regularly find local people who had "uncle Harry's" WWII rifle in the closet. In one case I got a call from a family who wanted to have a rifle removed from the house. I looked it over briefly assuming that it was a "typical" K98 bringback but...
  17. Amazon not sending knives to MA now?

    The bizarre thing is that you can drive to Cabela's and buy it right there off the rack. Same for Connecticut. They and mags like Sportmen's Guide won't ship folders to CT but I can buy the same exact knife at the East HArtford Cabelas. No ID, no nuttin. This is all really screwed up.
  18. Help indentify part on an old Colt AR

    Absolutely a grenade launcher accessory to help stabilize the 22mm sleeve of the grenade on the barrel.
  19. Porch Pirate Update post 123

    Im happy to spread the news about any really good product like that. Even the packaging was excellent. Big bang for your buck and now it will alert u in case there is an intrusion. App is free, too.
  20. Porch Pirate Update post 123

    I was going to mention that the UPS stores are all dicks and the will absolutely refuse ANYTHING firearm related including wood stocks. UPS hub is where I ship everything firearm related but it has to come to my address because the UPS stores are franchised and afraid of anything to do with...
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