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  1. WTS Stihl BR600 Backpack Leaf Blower - Personal Residential Use Only - $300 Worcester

    Moving this Sunday, so if it doesn’t sell it will come with me. $300 cash money
  2. FNG

    Welcome sir. Now go scrub the shitters and haze yourself!
  3. Moving out of MA (to FL) - Timing & Law

    I changed my mind and have decided to comply (didn't realize the pitfalls of non-notification)...can anyone confirm that THIS is the correct form for an out of state move too? Seems like it's more geared toward in-state moves, but could just be a 'catch-all' I suppose? I'm going to wait until...
  4. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    It'll be a few weeks for me, unfortunately. I'm still buttoning things up for the 'big move' on Sunday and all my reloading equipment is already in Indy. I'll post some photos when I make some progress though. I'm really excited to try out that new .30cal mould from @1919FAN too! Such an...
  5. 'Neo-Nazi' with ties to hate group is charged with federal gun crime

    That was sarcasm, ftr...over your head, I guess.
  6. 'Neo-Nazi' with ties to hate group is charged with federal gun crime

    I dunno...maybe he just got himself into a tight spot. I mean...nice white kid like him...he was probably just turning his life around. Kinda looks like a f***ing NAZI to me though.

    your gender nor your continued participation were ever in question, for the record :D (at least not by me)


    THAT makes 10! And with the short-lived new join, that's elevenzies!

    @PennyPincher is who(m?) he is referring to (i think)

    LMAO @blindfire ...but no. You forgot @Sauer Grapes and @Queen Bee ...probably a couple others. I feel like we go through this once a year or so. ROLL CALL! FEMININES OF NES, ROGER UP (please...and with all due respect, miss/ms/mrs/ma'am's)

    I'm an ex USA military resident of massichuzits...but soon to be USA resident of Americanindiana! Hi, lady! What branch (if there was ever more than one...rah?)
  13. M1A/M14 scope mount

    I’ve been banned twice over there and I’m halfway there on NES :D
  14. AK-47: if you had to buy just 1 (or 2)

    I like norinco, but don’t own one yet. It’s first on my ‘free state’ purchase list. I personally own a stamped yugo npap and a post (federal AW) ban milled AK built off a Bulgarian parts kit and have ZERO issues/complaints with either, but I really want a norinco folder with a spiker bayonet for...
  15. Should corporate banners fly on the same pole under the American Flag?

    This isn't a matter of being offended or not...there is a flag code for many reasons and this is a perfect example of one of them. No organization (especially one that allows its employees to kneel during a national anthem) should be allowed to profit off our symbol of freedom that many men and...
  16. "General Discussion" thread becoming a catch-all ?

    This. What does any of this have to do with firearms? Looks like you may have stepped on your own dick sir.
  17. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    I use Gillette because the rest of you guys are boycotting them. That's how I live my live now...if NES boycotts something, I buy double what I'll need to show my support.
  18. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    check the email associated with your paypal. got my info this morning.
  19. Armistice Day range lineup.

    I had to work. ironic that most of the veterans I know were in the same boat :D regardless...will take out my m1917, 1903, and 1919a4 as soon as I get the A4 built and ready to shoot! Indy! Two more weeks to moving and counting. happy armistice day, gentlemen. a range...
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