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  1. Boston globe Mill article

    I didnt think one room could be filled with so many scared Karens...
  2. Image of letter allegedly sent to a Nassau County CCW applicant

    Are you out of your mind?
  3. Why were Canadian police officers checking out the Great Falls Gun Show last weekend?
  4. Favorite time of year

    Great pics, looked like a perfect day
  5. The Ragtag Army That Won the Battle of Kyiv and Saved Ukraine

    At this point I literally don't believe any news out of Ukraine.
  6. Kokanee salmon

    That all looks amazing!
  7. The hard work is over. All zeroed for deer.

    I wonder if there is a significant velocity change from last year to this year with the 240's. Something maybe not burning as clean with the charges?
  8. Missing 411: The Hunted

    Ive done that too.
  9. Missing 411: The Hunted

    Anyone else watch this on prime? Its free with a prime membership View: Pretty interesting. The part where hunters take off their boots and walk miles is pretty weird. If you spend a lot of time in the woods alone or...
  10. The hard work is over. All zeroed for deer.

    vertical or horizontal stringing or just wide open groups?
  11. TFB FIRST LOOK: Introducing the New 5.56 SIG MCX SPEAR-LT Small arm designs are introduced in both revolutionary and evolutionary processes, each being equally important to developing a reliable and capable firearm system. For manufacturers, engineering a new gun and its progressive...
  12. No elk but fun nonetheless

    Beautiful! Wishing you luck today
  13. Boston globe Mill article

  14. Boston globe Mill article

    That face! [rofl]
  15. Boston globe Mill article

    I kid on the Poverty Ponies, I only toss it out there because its funny to see the back and forth. Seriously I want as many red blooded Americans to have as many AR15s as possible. The upper is more important anyways. With that being said.
  16. Boston globe Mill article

    The only guys that don't think the joke "Poverty Pony" is funny are the guys with a full barn of them.
  17. Boston globe Mill article

    I couldnt help myself.
  18. Dog attack - How would you handle?

    Glad nobody was seriously hurt.
  19. Boston globe Mill article

    No mean tweets right?
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