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  1. Natick gun buyback

    Actually, I apologize, one member (MAC) did step up and made me a cash offer, unfortunately it was half of what I could get at the buyback. I didnt want to misrepresent the fact that there are people willing to "put their money where their mouth is", out there. ~PH
  2. Natick gun buyback

    OK, I'll be the dumbass that throws himself to the lions... At the last Natick buyback I brought in a couple old breaktops that I would never shoot because they were pre-smokeless powder and I was scared shit of them blowing up in my face, a broken old 16 guage, 4 old(very old) BB guns from my...
  3. Cape Cod Times poll

    [grin] Poll [*=left]The country's gun control laws are again being debated, this time in the wake of the deaths of 49 people early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando. What is your opinion? [*=left]Total Votes: 1439 [*=left]Our gun laws are fine the way they are 16% [*=left]We...
  4. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I've traveled quite a bit,so ahh, ya, No comment...[horse][pot]
  5. Brockton gun buyback on Saturday

    Here's another way to look at it; turn in paperweights worth maybe $50 combined. Get $400 grocery gift cards, sell them to friend in Brockton for $300. Take the $300 and go buy a new S&W 686+. Not only did I get rid of useless paperweights, but I helped a friend, only have to spend $450 on a...
  6. Brockton gun buyback on Saturday

    Like these? Hate to do it, but $400 is better than $50. Plus there's no story behind them, just taking up space in the safe.
  7. Boston area car wrap

    Graphic Soluitons 20 Industrial Rd Wrentham, MA (508) 384-1020 I have seen their sign but never used them.
  8. my daughter does not want to wear makeup.

    Whenever I am confronted with one of these situations (Wife and daughter asking me to choose sides) I have a fool proof plan; I grasp my heart, fall to the floor writhing in pain and beg them to call 911. This buys me at least an hour of sympathy. Once at the hospital I am given morphine for the...
  9. Am I just a pansy? Holy cow.

    Don't worry, its like masturbation, do it enough and you'll be a pro too. [laugh2]
  10. EchoLink: Use your iPhone or iPad as a HAM Radio

    Knowing very little about Ham radios and not knowing the difference between a DiPole and a Yagi... Doesn't the use of a Cell phone that requires a data connection defeat the purpose? I'm trying to understand the benefit. Just asking...
  11. "Nothing inside is worth dying for" sign

    That movie just freaks me out.
  12. "Nothing inside is worth dying for" sign

    Found this on DVOR for $17.50 If you are not already a member, Join me on Dvor FULL DISCLOSURE- By creating an account using the link I provide, gives me points to buy more sh** I probably didn't need in the first place. It cost nothing to join and sometimes...
  13. Cell phone guns, Ch. 25 tonight 10:00

    I'd sell whoever is going to give you grief and keep all the guns.
  15. Summer Carry....which would you choose

    For your reading pleasure here is another thread where the topic of Shield vs. xxx is beat to death. I think I am beginning to see a pattern here... Go with a Shield, (personally I like the 9mm, less snappy)trigger...
  16. Six-year-old torn from her family because she's 1.56 % Native American

    Bahhhh! [rofl] I want that on my dust cover.
  17. Leaving the store with a new firearm.

    That's kinda BS. I have NEVER bought a gun at a store where they didn't give me the cable lock at no charge. the damn things are free at almost any police station. What store was it?
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