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  1. Favorite Sub Shop

    Dino's Cafe on Salem Street in the North End (across from Bova's bakery).
  2. Walmart Ammo Exchange

    I have a few 100 rounds each of .40 and .45 that I would trade for 9mm/.380/.308/12 gauge target
  3. Senate to vote on concealed weapons measure

    Is exactly why such a law would never pass. The states would never give up the fees associated with all the hoops they currently make us jump through. If anything I think the next form of gun control pushed on us is going to be a huge increase in the amount of money we have to pay for our LTC...
  4. the lighter side of a heavy day

    Actually I think Kimberly Clark makes those too [smile]
  5. New survial show on Discovery "The Colony"

    I tried, too much "handy man" security - lost interest fast
  6. Stopped by border patrol south of White River JCT. on 91 Toady.

    There is a fairly new looking Border Patrol station full of vehicles on Rt 16 in Rangely, ME that is a good 45 miles from the nearest border crossing (at least by road).
  7. Tire to Alloy Wheel Air Leaks . . .

    How many miles do the wheels have one them? I had a Volvo with alloys back in the 90's and had to have the rims straightened after awhile. Too many potholes.
  8. WBCN going off the air

    Why do they think anyone will listen to T&R talk about sports when no one is listening to them now?
  9. Baker throws hat in the ring for MA Governor

    At the moment that is the only qualification needed for the office.
  10. Broken baseball bats

    The easiest solution is to stop allowing maple and stick with ash.
  11. The Michael Jackson Megathread

    For a state that is going down the tubes, they should've charged the idiots that wanted to be there so bad a fee.
  12. Best place to buy truck tires?

    I have had good luck in the past with these guys: The one in Randolph is just a warehouse with a couple of install guys so you aren't paying for salesguys and fancy displays on the floor.
  13. Leaking $600 repair cost over the top?

    Ask them how much of that estimate is labor. Then go to a local guy and see if they tell you the same amount of time. The dealer rates per hour are usually much higher than the local grease monkeys.
  14. Best .45 ammo

    Blazer is great ammo for the price, I just haven't seen any for sale anywhere in a long time.
  15. Best .45 ammo

    Winchester White Box and UMC are the worst as far as dirty .45 practice ammo goes. I prefer the Federal American Eagle if I have a choice. As for defensive rounds I never really worried about expansion with a .45. Most of the 9mm and .40 carry ammo is about expanding to where a .45 already...

    And the kiddie table is safe again.
  17. Free or Cheep Fridge Needed

    I am not metrowest but you are welcome to the one in my garage. It was my sisters (it's full size with a freezer above) and isn't perfect (things sometimes freeze in the fridge part). It has just been my beer fridge but I don't need it.
  18. When did NES go gay?

    It's all an insurrectionist ploy to infiltrate the moonbats and make them think we are switching sides.
  19. Let's see those target pictures - post 'em here

    This is the only one I have handy, this is the first 30 rounds down a new barrel I put into my home-made Centurion (Compact L slide on a standard 92 FS frame) with a heavy SS guiderod I cut down from standard length. Checkered Aluminum Hogues helped finish it off.
  20. Why saving money is hard...

    I have a different problem where I convince myself that spending money on new guns that shoot cheaper ammo will save me money like the Romanian Tokarev I just bought. So far this money saving venture has cost me close to $400 between the gun and ammo - but it is fun as hell to shoot. [wink]
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