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  1. Brazilian bodybuilder risks his life by injecting himself with OIL to boost his biceps to 23 inches

    it's taboo and thus great clickbait fodder for the corporate media. unfortunatley these people are not mentally well. they have body dysmorphic disorder, which is essentially where someone looks fine but what they perceive is totally different. they see some glaring defect...
  2. Squibs in my PPK

    @Geo765 Wolff has springs for the PPK in 7.65
  3. Holo sight magnifier

    the optics of a magnifier are so simple that they're less the issue in a magnifier i'm mostly looking at 1) mount quality/compatibility, and 2) weight most cheap magnifiers require the mount to be replaced, bringing the cost up substantially with the exception of my Eotech G33, i only use the...
  4. Holo sight magnifier

    garbage save your $55 and put it towards a reputable manufacturer and quality mount
  5. Sig P320 X-Carry

    Clever would be not ending up with a P320. [pot] sorry couldn't help myself.
  6. Squibs in my PPK

    blowback pistols will always have a stiff recoil spring. it's by design. on a blowback pistol I would not mess around with recoil springs other than replacing them at specified intervals. while the mass of the slide is responsible for keeping the action closed, unlike a browning tilting action...
  7. Hammer fired SA/DA semi's on a budget (AKA: The CZ 75 Thread)

    @timbo aside from being a nicer pistol, the CZ 75 compact will hold its value far better than an SP2022. aftermarket for the CZ will allow one to mod it up however they like. I find it a darn shame that Sig abandoned a polymer hammer fired pistol. many of us TDA fans like the SP2022...
  8. Thoughts on PPU .44 Mag?

    I run PPU 240 gr SP through my 629 6 inch with no issues. accuracy is excellent. 99% of the time accuracy issues with 44 mag are due to shooter. as noted above if the cases are getting stuck in the cylinder i would also be concerned about over-pressured.
  9. Bolt Carrier

    if your current bolt is working well and headspaces nicely to the barrel I would leave it alone "fixing" parts that work well...uh oh if want to drop some cash on a project just build a new upper
  10. $2k for a few toys

    interesting, but it also checks the box for magazine-outside-grip (i), so to stay legal it must be under 50 oz and not have a threaded barrel Handguns/Pistols: (C) a semiautomatic pistol that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2 of-- (i) an ammunition magazine that...
  11. $2k for a few toys

    22lr I'm happy with my S&W victory. runs great. fun to shoot. easy to maintain wanted to dig the Ruger Mark IV but found the thumb safety location very annoying a while back I picked up a Volquartsen scorpion custom mark III clone. incredible pistol. blows any production 22 pistol out of the...

  13. If not an AR what would you get

    thread started in august hopefully OP got his rifle by now
  14. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    my CCW is a full size, hammer fired action with a WML always AIWB; 4 o'clock never worked right for me I'm probably in the minority if you decide to go AIWB then can certainly offer some recs P220 with TLR-1 92A1 with TLR-1 they take turns riding in a PHLster floodlight
  15. Any Mass dealers selling trade-in USPs?

    i had a USP 40 and liked it. sort of kicking myself for selling it. the recoil assembly on the USP full size is clever and works to soften felt recoil. it was the most pleasant .40 pistol i ever owned. the USP series looks huge but dimensions are actually right on par with a G17. i agree with...
  16. M1A/M14 scope mount

    interesting. I've had very good results with the Bassett mount, which is conveniently removeable without losing the rear aperture.
  17. Appendix Holster Recommendations

    @jasonj84 like you Ive dumped a lot of $$ into holster experimentation. unfortunately theres been no other option since one cant stroll into a shop and look at them. its amazing how galco and major mfrs are essentially worthless when it comes to AIWB. and just because someone makes a nice...
  18. Worman v. Baker - AWB Challenge.

    not seeing the “significance” here. written by an attorney for the MSP and references 9/94 AWB, which is of course in the MGL. Just because it fails to mention Healey’s 7/16 date or other business I would not read into it. this thread is regarding the Worman AWB case. maybe we could refrain...
  19. X3 magnifier recommendation.

    while I think between black friday and the eotech $100 rebate you'll probably be able to make out well with a G33, if the budget is around $200 personally I would consider the primary arms LER with an ADM mount...
  20. X3 magnifier recommendation.

    if can wait until black friday there will be sales including the G33. there's also a $100 rebate running through the end of 2019. so if patient you may be able to do well on a G33. for some reason Grabagun tends to have excellent prices on Eotech stuff...
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