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  1. CETME troubles

    There were some early ones (mid-2000s) that Century ground the bolts to set headspace when assembling the used parts, which was not an original manufacturing method. There was a lot of discussion and arguing over whether this was an acceptable practice, or if the Century CETME failures were just...
  2. Who does parkerizing?

    If your part fits in a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket, that makes a nice tank with a couple of electric immersion heaters and a thermometer. If it won't fit, 6" PVC pipe and a cap will also work well. Not what I'd use for production work, but has been a great home solution.
  3. CETME troubles

    Sounds to me like you're headed in the right direction. I ended up with one of the CETMEs with the bolt Century ground - the barrel on mine does need to be reset. Not an impossible job, but I've been putting it off for 15 years now. Maybe the post retirement project list will pick it up...
  4. New Bino recommendations

    Check - It's SWFA optics site for selling returns, demos, trade-ins and the like. You never know what they'll have any given day, but there can be some pretty good deals.
  5. Cops Save Homeowners Guns After Propane Explosion

    No - the fire looked like this: O..O..O.....O..O..O.....O..O..O.....O..O..O.....O..O..O
  6. Target Sports SS109 in stock

    The military uses it, it must be awesome!!! /s [rofl]
  7. Target Sports SS109 in stock

    I've used a lot of 55gr Wolf Gold, Fiocchi, PMC and American Eagle in the last couple year, no complaints about any of them. I've also had good results from Prvi 62gr FMJ/BT - not the M855/SS109 stuff, the plain FMJ
  8. Target Sports SS109 in stock

    Has to have green tip if sold to the military. If making ammo for the civilian market, why spend the money painting them? The contract for running the Lake City plant allows the contractor to use production capacity in excess of military requirements for their own production purposes.
  9. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    I've got a VZ 52 as well, wish ammo was easier to find. Interesting rifle. Mine is not a nice one, cosmetically speaking. What are Rashids going for? Haven't been following prices, had mine for years.
  10. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    In the obscure and expensive 7.62x39 category, you could try looking for either one of these C&Rs: Czech VZ 52/57 - the VZ 52 reworked for 7.62x39 Or the Hakim's little brother, the Rashid carbine: Slightly less likely to amputate your thumb than the Hakim - because the bolt's smaller.
  11. Breaking Bad spinoffs ?

    I thought El Camino wasn't bad - not breaking any new ground, but the least annoying version of Jesse. Better Call Saul I liked a lot, but it's not going to be great for everyone. It did take a few episodes to settle down and figure out where it was going.
  12. ar 15 to 10 mm carbine conversion ?

    Just caught that on their site, edited above...
  13. ar 15 to 10 mm carbine conversion ?

    If Stern makes a 45 adapter that should fit 10mm mags. A 40 barrel is a chamber reamer away from 10mm. Hmmm..... I see potential here. Not without project risks, but potential. ETA: Looking at Stern's site, the questions that come to mind are will a 45 M&P mag run 10mm, will the M&P mag adapter...
  14. National Grid Tells Long Island "No Gas For You"

    [rofl] Which will require even more infrastructure...
  15. Trump Administration Slaps 25% Tariff On Single Malt Scotch Whisky Imports

    I have a plan to stock the bunker, but there's a serious evaporation issue with the liquor.
  16. Pepper spray expiration

    The most valuable instruction I ever got from the academy was "When you get home after we spray you and take a shower, DO NOT allow any rinse water to run downhill. And since we'd like you to survive until the next class, DO NOT let your wife/girlfriend/mom throw your sprayed clothes in the...
  17. Anyone have experience with 7x57?

    I've been thinking about a #1 for a while, as well. Interesting rifles, and a great variety of calibers over the years. I'm not sure I'd get the RSI, but out of the calibers they chambered that in, I'd pick the 7x57 as well. If they'd ever done them in 6.5x55, it'd be my first choice. ETA...
  18. Ordering from midway

    I've also had Midway on my 'don't bother 'cause Mass list' for years as well. I ordered some parts from them last month, and just for the hell of it checked for some rifle bullets I could use, which they had on sale. Started digging, and it appears that Midway, without fanfare, seems to have...
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