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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    And you missed the part where I went the extreme opposite which should be just as ridiculous.
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That’s not how this works. Attitude needs to be time to go downstairs and maybe kill something. yippy ki yeh mother....
  3. H-3945 Statewide plastic bag ban is now tied up in Beacon Hill

    No bags at Spags. He was ahead of the times. I don’t believe trees will be cut down to make paper bags any more than I believe the sign on electric hand dryers that trees will be cut down to make paper towels. Both a perfect recycle opportunity for post consumer recycle paper. That said I...
  4. Anyone use BJ's or Costco Tire Center?

    Over years I’ve done several set of tires at bjs. Pick ups, jeeps, Subaru, jettas. Some were stock tires some they special ordered. All good experience.
  5. Karma: 2x MAGPUL BAD (Battery Assist Device)

    Not a meme but a tru story. Last month my granddaughters were at camp when I took a buck. They came out to see it hanging and asked a bunch of questions. Four year old asked if the deer had a name. I told here Jeffery. As she left my son looked at me and asked why Jeffery? Because like...
  6. Northeast Kingdom VT

    My BIL just relocated back to NH side of boarder from VT. Cited the ridiculous taxes in VT.
  7. Moving & Packaging Firearms. Ideas?

    Nick, this won’t help you but maybe someone else. When I have them I save all the boxes my firearms cane in. When I move scopes are taken off and guns go back in boxes. The shelves come out of gun safe and boxes go in safe. I use soft sided gun cases when I don’t have original box. On a...
  8. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    Several thoughts. There are lots of ways to go. None right or wrong Youth guns often have both a shorter stock and shorter barrel to balance. If you have multiple kids to hand them down through not a bad option. You can put an adjustable stock on a bolt gun. Remington 700 with Boyds At1...
  9. pro 2A meme megathread

    Damn. Your picky. She has her head down and a good check weld on stock.
  10. IMR4227

    My experience with 4227 was it both accurate as all get out and also dirty as hell. I also believe it was one of four powders recommended for savage smokeless muzzle loader but was dropped due to frequent failure to ignite at low temps. As this was using 209 shotgun primers this may not be...
  11. Colorado School Suspends 17-Year-Old After She Posted a Non-Threatening Gun Photo With Her Older Brother

    Posting the picture was “asking for trouble” is like wearing a short skirt was asking to be raped. It’s victim blaming.
  12. Precision Long Range for SHTF

    This is my favorite thread for thread drift. In one page it has gone to how to eat rabbits. That said even my smallest long range rifle (6.5 CM or 243 Win) wouldn’t leave much left of a rabbit to eat based on damage it does to deer. I don’t see much use for my long range rifle in SHTF...
  13. Power is out, again

    I was just listening to wind and wondering if I will have problems tonight. Screw it Im going to bed. Good luck Update: so come sunrise and although I hear a generator running somewhere, I still have power. That’s the thing with “be prepared”. 99.99% of the time you don’t need it.
  14. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Early MZ season. At first glance thought buck was an eight, but just a healthy six. Saw him an seven does first day. Still waiting for big boy. First day heavy frost and ice on puddles. Since then warm and sunny days and daylight activity down. Still seeing a few each evening
  15. DC City Council Considering Legalizing Prostitution

    It would solve the problem of INCELS going on shooting sprees. Legalizing it would create a few new problems but it could solve a lot more problems than it creates. It could be another blow to marriage. Do the math compared to cost of divorce and alimony which half of guys wind up paying.
  16. Jedediah Bila--Please have your baby

    I can see why you don't like her. She is smart, articulate, independent thinker with a sense of humor. Wait... why don't you like her?
  17. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    As my schedule has firmed up I will not be able to make it. Have fun you guys. Still collecting lead and tools to get into it myself.
  18. Castboolits site down?

    Just worked for me.
  19. 2019-2020 NES Winter Weather Thread

    Yeah looking at the wind forecast realized that I have two generators and no gas! Been using it up in mower. Went out today and filled gas cans and two empty propane tanks. Almost set for winter. Just need to pick up some diesel for tractor/ plow/ snowblower. But this prepper is now...
  20. CMMG conversion kit failures and auto bursts

    I have two conversion kits, one taccom and one cmmg. Both are used with dedicated .22 rim fire uppers and use better mag adapter with S&W 15-22 mags. Like an AR they like a little clp to run ( just not dry). I have between 2500 and 3000 rounds thru each. Have taken both to Appleseed shoots...
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