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  1. Amazon Prime Starting to Suck

    Here is the info on adding additional household members You're welcome to invite up to 4 household members to share your membership. You can invite or remove other members in You can read more about Amazon Prime on our online Help pages...
  2. Honda Odyssey sliding door not closing

    bungee it until you can get it inside and warm it up. Keep it safe.
  3. Video: Machete vs Gun Home Invasion

    Good shoot. Vic got to live another day and that machete would have made a mess of the poor guy. Nothing good can come from being hacked with one of those.
  4. Man, you gotta love Clint!

    yeah and he means it. Don't mess with Clint Eastwood!
  5. Oil lamps

    Love my oil lamp. I've had it since the 70's. Don't use it all that much anymore but it is always ready to go!
  6. Purina Beneful Dog Food - WARNING!

    My labs get Taste of the Wild. The seem to love it.
  7. Ammo is plentiful, snowblower parts are not

    Sta-Bil or Sea Foam for sure. Makes a huge difference in the long term performance of your small engines.
  8. Look what I found!

    last time I had everclear was in the early 1980's. Not for the girly men. Easy does it!
  9. another great craigslist ad....

    that is priceless
  10. My friend and NES poster Metalhead has passed away

    RIP, brother George!
  11. Denver PD shoots and kills a driver. More race baiting.

    Hispanic is a race similar to European or African and not a "skin tone" such as white or black.
  12. 2 Brothers killed (shot) in their car in Brockton. Nobody cares?

    Thats how Aaron Hernandez got his start in MA. Were those "victims" guilty of anything other than spilling a drink. I...
  13. Customs and border patrol in Kittery?

    OP, were they um... looking for you? Their cover of course being lunch?
  14. Charter Web mail many other options
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