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  1. torque wrenches

    I wouldn't screw around with a torque wrench. I own a Snap On and it has served me for 15 + years. I was a former mechanic and you shouldn't screw around with tools like that.
  2. Thinking of becoming a leo...

    I love the job. Worked as a mechanic for 15 years and was lucky to get on the job the last interview I was allowed due to age. It has its shitty moments like any job, but I think the few pros far outweigh all the cons.
  3. 24gr of Varget mmm Crunchy

    I run 26.0g Varget behind a 55g MG bullet
  4. The one gun that always "wows" you

    My CMP M1 Garand Special Grade...
  5. Matches at independent done

    So sad...
  6. John Crawford

    John was on "the list" of Mass approved firearms instructors in my area. You see, I needed to take my firearms safety course and I was looking for someone local to help me out (Yeah, I know we all hate it). So I called John, and I asked him if I could come by for a rectification, he said yeah...
  7. Best police sidearm

  8. USPSA RIFLE @ New Bedford - Sunday 11/24/2013

    Great match. A big thank you to the New Bedford crew for braving the cold. I can't tell you how much I missed shooting and seeing everyone today.
  9. Lugnut makes Master in USPSA Production Division

    OUTSTANDING! Congratulations Dave!
  10. To all my fellow LEOs

  11. Very cool exp with MA State Trooper

    There are, but they aren't news worthy.
  12. Best police sidearm

    We have the M&P .45 right now. I like it but I wish I could carry a 1911.
  13. USPSA SHOTGUN @ New Bedford - Sunday 10/28/2012

    Great match. Thanks to all who made it possible. See you all at the rifle match.
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