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  1. Mini NES meetup

    I'm headed to Manchester Firing Line around 1030 with a buddy; If anyone is interested in doing a mini-NES meetup I'd be down. I'll be wearing my zombie response team hoodie if it's not too hot in there. Hopefully some of you may stop by! -Kyle
  2. Just swore in Tuesday Nov 27th

    Yep. Tuesday Nov 27th I swore in and enlisted in the Army National Guard. Scored a 72 AQFT on the asvab and picked 31B MP. Off to Fort Leonard Wood for basic June 13th to August 17th. Probably not doing AIT until next summer, unless I contract with ROTC which will not allow me to go to AIT...
  3. Handgun ammo question.

    Ok, so now that i bought my hi point I need ammunition. My question is, which stores do you KNOW of that sell handgun ammunition to people <21 claiming it is for a carbine? I'm only 18, unfortunately. i ask because on Kittery's site it says "you must be 21 to purchase... Blablabla" Thanks! Kyle
  4. Any fellow Mosin Nagant 91/30 owners have this? I know a lot of people don't like Nutnfancy, but I found this video very interesting and helpful. I might just have to buy one of these since it doesn't require any gunsmithing to install. Thoughts?
  5. Mossberg .22 not firing

    Hey everyone. Today I went to Georgetown Fish & Game and shot my Mosin and attempted to shoot my .22. It was feeding fine... But when I cocked it and pulled the trigger, nada. Nothing happened. I dry fired it MINIMALLY before today, and it seemed to work fine. I just wanted to ask if I...
  6. Spam cans?

    Any spam cans of 7.62x54r in northeast Mass? When I picked up my Mosin they only had packs of 20 rounds. If anyone sees one, let me know... I am in dire need of one :) -Kyle
  7. The Mosin Addiction Begins...

    Title says it all. Picked her up today. 1943 Izhevsk 91/30. All matching except for bayonet. ~Kyle
  8. Important Question.

    Hey guys and gals. So long story short, my aunt in Missouri is using a FFL there to ship my grandpa's .22 here to Massachusetts. Once it arrives, I'm going to pick it up. It's a 50+ year old Mossberg .22 The only problem, is that it doesn't have a serial number, at least that's what my dad...
  9. 51 year old mother finishes Army Basic Combat Training today

    Found this article to be pretty awesome.. a 51 year old mother in the Army? That's epic. Her son is in the Marines.
  10. Anyone here who has participated/is participating in AROTC?

    Hey everyone. I'm most likely going to be participating in Army ROTC during college... and I just have a few questions for people that have participated in it before. I'll post my questions after I finish making a list, and if someone posts claiming to have participated in it before. Thanks...
  11. Excessive Use of Force Much?

    Taken from the following link: Police officers in Monterey Park, Calif., shot and killed a man in the parking lot of a Carl's Jr. yesterday morning, and witnesses caught it on video. According to the New...
  12. Haverhill Hound Rod & Gun Club

    Hello everyone, Kyle here! I'm a complete noob to these forums and shooting in general, so I figured my first post should be in here (the ranges/clubs section) to find a group of local people to connect with. I've recently gained interested in recreational shooting and realized that I've...
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