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  1. Date change Defensive Handgun I course Pelham Fish & Game NOV 9th

    Friday Novermber 9 starting at 0900 at Pelham Road & Gun club will be hosting a Defensive Handgun I course put on by Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training. This course will give you the fundamental skills you need to deploy your handgun and preserve life. Please vist our website for more details...
  2. Custom Kydex Holsters

    My buddy Rob Tran from does a great job on Kydex holsters. Great pricing and turn around time.
  3. Single point sling

    Gents I have designed and new single point sling and have 20 in stock. This is something that may change a few people's minds on single point slings. You can see one of the reviews here.
  4. Instructor Insurance

    Were looking for a good Insurance company to work with for liability coverage for a range training company. I know the NRA offers a policy but would it cover NON NRA shooting courses. Any help would be great. Thanks Matt
  5. New NRA Ruling

    I got this last night just a heads up i dont know why anyone would be doing this but i guess they are. Dear NRA Instructors and Training Counselors: Due to NRA's long history of facilitating quality firearm training, the public expects a high standard for training programs bearing the NRA...
  6. South Shore Firearm Solutions

    South Shore Firearm Solutions is a North East regional firearmstraining group that will be offering everything from Basic NRA courses to advanced combat marksmanship skills. Our instructors are comprised of military special missions operators, swat and other state and federal agencies. Contact...
  7. Denied in RI but case happened in MA

    OK heres the deal I went to the meeting with the chief at the AG's Office he stated because whats still on my record my permit is denied. Now in RI i need to have expunged any ideas? heres is the story I was arrested dec 10 of 2007 by Lincoln PD for alleged domestic violence and improper...

    OK heres the deal I went to the meeting with the chief he stated because whats still on my record from my divorce in ma it is denied. Now in RI i need to have expunged any ideas?
  9. What is a trust?

    I want to get into class 3 stuff but dont know the first thing to start. What is a trust how can i go about getting one. how much is it?
  10. AR15, AR10 and Ruger 10/22 builds

    Ok here are a few of my builds. Had a bunch of fun and they all shoot great. Armalite AR10T Colt, Remsport AR15 Ruger 10/22
  11. Light strike issues with a VURSAN model 2000

    I have a VURSAN M2000 same as the stoger 2000 but with not all the same parts it is having light strike issues it will do it on first or second round rack a new one and it goes bang few more go bang then does it again. I have tried a few rounds federal remington and some other stuff does it with...
  12. NRA instructor in RI

    I am a NRA instructor here in RI. If you looking to take the CCW course or shoot your required course of fire to obtain your CCW permit please feel free to contact me on PM. Competitive rates for class. Matt Fennell
  13. APP ??????

    Ok got my app signed by poice chief. Now what do i do with it? Where do i get finger printed i go in to east prov PD to get finger printed and get the o you dont need to but i think i do. I am Military stationed there so what do i do NOW???????? Any help would be great

    Guns just dont go off but in this case i guess it did Or did it you be the judge. Member was at home in his living room watching television with his wife. He had just purchased two handguns that day from a local dealer. Member had previously loaded one of the weapons and had...
  15. Free float barrel nut wrench

    Does any one have a free float barrel nut wrench i can use every where i looked are ot of stock. Or for sale Thanks
  16. Armaite AR-10 build

    Well let the fun and expence begin. Started with paint next flat top upper and optics trigger has been polished as well as shoe gonna be a poor mans SASS.
  17. LEOSA this is a great law

    Thank you very much to the gents from Four Seasons, Zero Hour Arms and Carlson comps for there contributions towards the training of 11 armed forces members. Thanks guys [rockon] [cheers]
  19. Shaving carry handle off AR

    Anyone seen it done? Shaved carry handle off AR style uppers then attach a rail on the flat part? Just a thought to try. Looked it up only found two flat top for a AR10 costly.
  20. AR10

    Building A Aramalite AR10 20 A4 need ideas on stocks and grips. Going to be a dms rifle
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