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  1. Trick or Treat

    JFC. It looks like Halloween candy is the new TP around here. I was stocked up pretty good, with enough left over for a weeks hunting anyways, then the Old Ball and Chain pounded the pile like it was Dresden 2/13/45. Figgering I didn't want to be cleaning all kinds of flaming dog crap off the...
  2. The question that has plagued mankind since time began.

    A pistol with the factory trigger and trigger parts still in it, is it possible to shoot that gun well, or is it necessary to immediately order a bag of springs and stuff?
  3. Mom

    Number 1 son was going through some old snaps. Came across a cool old photo of my Mom. Figgered it was worth a share. Dad always said he outranked her, but we all knew who really ran the show.
  4. Ammo as currency

    I dunno. I offered the 'Ol Ball and Chain a half a box of .45 in exchange for a back rub. She called me an a**h***.
  5. Woman's Biathalon

    A) Some Most of these girls are hotties. B) It appears as though you do need to be able to ski, but if you can't shoot you fer sure got nothin' C) Friggin steel. Seems as though what sport it is doesn't miss that first one your going to be there for while missing the crap out of...
  6. The meaning of Life

    As is my wont in the winter months my range time has been spent concentrating on shooting the rifle standing unsupported. My current plateau seems to be centered on the fact that the trigger sucks. I can't decide whether the correct path is to throw a couple Benjamins at it and remove that...
  7. Maine deer hunting report 11/9/19

    Made the long run North to hunt the day with my son. Hit the spot where one of the guys got a real monster last year. Got up wicked early, parked at the foot of the hill and hiked the last mile and a half up the dirt track in the pitch dark and extreme cold, so as to not disturb things. Set up...
  8. Stupid question

    How do you load a blind magazine in a bolt rifle to capacity? The only way I can think of is to put the 4 in, push down enough partly close the bolt enough to hold the top round in place, but leave enough room to slide one into the chamber. Obviously this would not work on controlled round feed...
  9. Good Lord

    Mulling over a new rifle that I currently don't have dies for. Looked at some of the guys that will ship for factory ammo so's to be able to put the gun in service right away. Do folks actually pay that much for ammo?Holy Cow !!! That would make me take up archery real quick let me tell you!!!!
  10. Kayak fishing for stripers

    i was thinking about buying a kayak for tube and worm.................... View:
  11. 147 vs 125

    Given the same hit, distance from target, target calibration ,phase of the moon, yadda yada do 147's @ 125 PF knock over steel that might be set a tad "heavy" more reliably than 125's @ 125 PF?
  12. Non lethal

    So at what threat level is it "legal" to use them? To prevent a beating? Only to avoid injury, or permanent injury, protect property, to keep your new 511 operator pants from getting dirty or torn ???? I get the whole "don't ask don't tell", "SSS", better tried by 12 than carried by 6" thing...
  13. Smelt

    Any Maine smelt pros on here? What the deal? Looks like a blast. Is the provided gear sufficient, or is it a good excuse to buy some new stuff? Any tips, "secret bait" etc? Giving it a shot once the camps are on the ice for sure.
  14. Shooting glasses

    So now that Carry Optics is a thing I find myself on the search for an optically correct pair of non-magnifying shooting glasses. Even the "good" standard safety glasses seem to have some distortion. Any suggestions for a pair that won't break the bank?
  15. Ground blind

    After watching you tube and reading some so far I'm leaning towards Barronett 250 Ground Pounder. Basing this on weight, and ease of set up. Have to hike in a little, and although I know it's sacrilege, can't leave it there. Big guy, and probably cant carry gun, blind, day pack full of unneeded...
  16. Winchester Rifles

    Any experience with recently manufactured ? From internet reviews I'm under the impression that quality is not all that bad. Looks like I could possibly jam one more long gun into the safe. Thinking either a Featherweight, or the Weather Extreme. What say ye?
  17. Model 19 Redux

    Not sure which one yet, but one of them for sure. Cash flow wise, I got a little time to figger it out yet anyways.
  18. Remington slump

    Remington Reportedly Exploring Debt Restructuring Numbers , while not really surprising, are kind of...big. Not much in the way of guns they are selling that I need or want right now, but I do like their 170 gr 30/30 ammo. For all intents and purposes it shoots about as good as anything I can...
  19. Blanks

    Looks like my daughter is branching out from barrels and reining into mounted shooting. Anyone got any experience or advice on making 38/357 blanks?
  20. Burris Fastfire winged mount

    So it looks to me there are two winged mounts. This one is marketed as AR specific, and quite obviously is one piece unit. As I already have the sight mounted on the gun with a Marlin specific base, Burris #410333 , and it sits low and tight to the receiver I am not interested in adding a...
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