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  1. Leaving MA - Non Resident License Question

    You can still be armed which I'll take over not
  2. Leaving MA - Non Resident License Question

    Len, are you aware of people with unrestricted resident licenses receiving restricted non resident licenses?
  3. Leaving MA - Non Resident License Question

    thanks everyone!
  4. Leaving MA - Non Resident License Question

    I'm strictly asking in regards to MA non resident, I know the other state's necessary info. Do I need to notify MA of a change of address on a non res license?
  5. Leaving MA - Non Resident License Question

    We are making the move out of the state! I know we will need to turn in our current LTC. My question in regards to the non resident license is what is required if you move again after obtaining a non resident license? So say we leave MA and establish NH residency apply for non res permits...
  6. Steel Target Hunting

    Mainly handgun
  7. Deals and steals

    The free shipping is negated when I applied the code. Maybe I'm not as lucky...
  8. Steel Target Hunting

    I could only find a thread with info from two years ago, and there weren't a lot of sources. After taking a class with Tactical Dynamics and having a blast shooting some steel I'm looking to pick one up. Does anyone have any recommendations/experience with a certain company? I'm mainly looking...
  9. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  10. 2004 Tundra Carhartt Seat Covers

    2004 Tundra Seat Covers made out of the Carhartt jacket material. Grey colored. Full set including armrests and headrests. $200 obo Try me with trades Also have the full set of weather tech floor mats.
  11. 04 Tundra Weather Tech Floor Mats

    My truck was totaled and I have the full set of weather tech floor mats. My truck was an 04 but I believe 03-06 was all the same compatibility, but do your research. They are the beige mats. $200 or best offer Open to trades if you’re interested.
  12. Tapatalk

    I'm in the tapatalk party. I hate using browsers for forums as everything become so small and you constantly have to zoom to hit buttons to navigate
  13. Safe location

    So I have a 16 gun safe. Not that big but by no means small. I was planning to keep it in my basement closet when I refinished it but the mrs wants full closet space. Is there any problem with storing it in the garage bolted to the wall and floor? My concern was possible moisture inside the...
  14. **Alert** Public Hearing - State House - 11/16/17 Please Attend!

    My rep is an idiot. I don't think I'm going to bother emailing this guy again, he's a broken record with the same response. "Thank you for your email regarding the Massachusetts legislature’s passage of a measure regulating bump stocks and trigger cranks. While I supported Rep. Linsky’s...
  15. RV Trip

    They list the requirements on the site. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. RV Trip

    I've don't quite a bit of research. I know that I'm not currently covered in Fl so I wasn't going to be bringing it all the way. Was going to leave in North Carolina as that's a stop I'm making and since I am stopping for several days and know I am not covered under FOPA Sent from my iPhone...
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