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  1. MA resident purchasing long gun out of state

    He has 7 days after they arrive in Mass. to register them.
  2. Semi auto shotgun rules vs semi auto rifle rules

    Rifle yes, shotgun no. - - - Updated - - - Depends on what you want to modify. Adding 10 round mags no.
  3. Semi auto shotgun rules vs semi auto rifle rules

    I could be wrong but with everything you have listed, 5 round detachable mag is the max allowed by MA law.
  4. Moving a firearm from IL to MA, can I do this?

    I would suggest I-80 to I-81 to I-380/I-84 to I-84 to I-87 to Berkshire Connector to I-90. When I traveled to from Dayton OH I used this route. Just an FYI I-84 between Newburgh NY and MA border sucks as far as traffic is concerned. I used this route 8 times in the last year and a half. Now I...
  5. Moving a firearm from IL to MA, can I do this?

    The easy answer is don't stop in NY, don't be stupid and pulled over by a LEO, don't drive through NYC at all!
  6. Moving a firearm from IL to MA, can I do this?

    Already answered by Len
  7. Help please

    Would require FID or LTC which requires you to visit Chelsea to get same with an appointment. After it is issued to you, after spending $100.00 for same, than if the firearm is legal to posses in Boston, than yes you can bring it to Boston. If you are moving here, bring them and then get an...
  8. How do you know if an AR is pre-ban?

    I realize that, but he says it is 14.5" WITH muzzle brake not WITHOUT muzzle brake.
  9. How do you know if an AR is pre-ban?

    Doesn't this make it an "SBR" and therefore requires a tax stamp? Doesn't it have to have a 16" barrel including muzzle brake?
  10. Where can I purchase with MA Alien FID?

    Why can't you purchase in MA? Call Carl at Four Seasons Firearms in Woburn. You will need 90 days or 3 months of utility bills to purchase per ATF requirements.
  11. FOPA, specifically in a minivan, when travelling through MA with handgun

    He's good to go. If he's coming from SC. Tell him to take 95 to 81 to 84 to 87 to 90 to 91. It's faster and he stays out of NJ (can't have hollow points) and NYC. He can overnight in PA legally.
  12. Confused. Subject of "assault weapons" again

    As said above, all MA compliant Stags have pinned stocks, but they look like collapsible stocks. They do not have flash suppressors, they are muzzle brakes. Ma FFL can carry any firearm they want to carry, even if it doesn't meet the MA requirements. The MA AG requirements only restrict what...
  13. Police in Mass

    Boston PD does not allow their officers to have an LTC until they have been on the job for 1 year. They even go so far as to take away their LTC if they have one for that first year. Supposedly, the reason is to force them to carry their duty weapon when off duty, if they want to carry.
  14. Laws Regarding Defending One's Dog

    I can verify, Boston DOES have a leash ordinance.
  15. Laws Regarding Defending One's Dog

    Hmm, you learn something new everyday! Thank you for posting.
  16. Shotgun Capacity/Questiions in Massachusetts

    I may be wrong but, you can not purchase a long gun and bring it into the state without sending it through an FFL unless the state touches your state.
  17. Are Triangle 36 Chinese 75 Rd. Drum Mags Preban?

    You could be right, all I'm saying is to be legal in MA they had to be made before 10/13/1994. If they were banned from import starting in 1990, you should be good to go.
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