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  1. Diamond Razor Edge bow sight

    Okay so I couldn’t find an archery/bow forum on here and don’t want to join some other site to ask this. Figured there will be many bow hunters here who may be able to help. Can not find this info anywhere online to save my life. I bought a Diamond Razor Edge bow years ago (like 12) when I shot...
  2. MCarbo Sub2K Glock mag release install

    Bumping this
  3. Best removable holster for owb concealed carry

    Thanks but thats an IWB holster. I have one thats great from Keyhole Holsters already. This post is for an OWB holster with easy remove clips that sits close to my body and allows for the Shield 9mm with the tlr-6. (Tried paddles, sticks out too much. Have to be able to wuickly and discretely...
  4. Best removable holster for owb concealed carry

    They don’t appear to have an option for the Shield with a tlr-6 wml
  5. Best removable holster for owb concealed carry

    Have an iwb holster. Use it sometimes but just not as comfortable for me especially when seated/driving for long periods of time, especially at 3 oclock where I prefer to carry.
  6. Best removable holster for owb concealed carry

    Bumping this. Ive used the Ventcore Flex holster for about 2 years now and liked it, it’s comfortable and fits the criteria of owb, quick release clips, and compatibility with a tlr-6. Unfortunately it has failed twice now. 3 months ago one of the wing clips cracked, and now the shell itself...
  7. MCarbo Sub2K Glock mag release install

    Title basically says it all. Love the sub2k EXCEPT for the shitty mag release. I have the glock17 mag version. Not only is the release hard to get to without breaking my grip but the mags don’t fall free when I do. Thinking this is solely a mag release issue and not the weight if my 10 round...
  8. Mass Gun Rights Organization

    Anyone know what happened to the “Mass Gun Rights” organization that was kicking around a few years ago? Website is gone and socials are inactive aince 2019. Just curious what happened?
  9. MA Compliant Complete Upper Replacement

    So I am being a bit proactive here, but I am realizing I may need to eventually replace the upper on my “pre healy” 5.56 rifle and am coming up short on how to do so. I can’t find any complete uppers for sale anywhere that have unthreaded barrels. I know I could potentially get one and either...
  10. 10mm in MA

    That is what I was doing by coming here to ask for advice, since I have been unlucky finding any at any of my usual shops.
  11. 10mm in MA

    Realistically, what are my options for finding a 10mm handgun in MA that I can actually get from an FFL? Anyone know what is “allowed” (midels, manufacturer, etc) that I can keep my eye out for eventually?
  12. Out of state travel

    Question I am hoping to get some insight on from those in CT or who frequently travel to CT with firearms. Is it legal for me to transport a “non high capacity” long gun that ISNT an “assault weapon” to CT if I am ot a resident? I am legal in MA and traveling to CT for a weekend to meet up...
  13. M1 Carbine Mags

    So I have an M1 Carbine and am havbing magazine seating issues. The mag it came with is marked “AT” on the back and it seats just fine as does the pre ban 30 rounder. However, 2 other 15 round mags I have are not seating properly and require a very hard and deliberate palm smack on the bottom to...
  14. Grip adaptors for revolvers

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop this recommendation/suggestion that those looking for grip adaptors or a better grip in general on their revolver look in to BK Grips. I spent forever trying to find a solution to the high grip a round butt K-Frame usually requires but wanted to keep the...
  15. Vertical locking wall mount for long guns

    Fully installed rail hanger with and without rifle mounted on it. Removed locks for sake of pictures. Mounted on stud in back of hanging clothes in closet.
  16. Vertical locking wall mount for long guns

    Got mine, easy install once I yeeted my cheap studfinder and borrowed a better one (read: one that actually worked!). Definitely fits my need and conceals well in a closet behind clothes. Plus it has those multiple locking options to secure the firearm in accordance with MA law if need be...
  17. Do MA police need an LTC to purchase and own personal firearms?

    Yeah guess I asked the glock thing weird and also didn’t think that through. Ive seen some in shops listed as “LE Only” but I guess that is up to the FFL as you said. Good to know on the AWB and Mag capacity exemption. Does this mean an FFL could sell them “post ban” rifles and mags ir is that...
  18. Do MA police need an LTC to purchase and own personal firearms?

    Yes yes, I know, poorly worded. I meant can he purchase one from an FFL who sells the newer ones to LEO.
  19. Do MA police need an LTC to purchase and own personal firearms?

    As I mentioned he just moved back up here and was recently hired so hasn’t applied for one yet.
  20. Do MA police need an LTC to purchase and own personal firearms?

    🤣 damn these fat thumbs! Edited for grammatical and spelling errors.
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