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  1. Firefighters being held hostage

    5 firefighters being held hostage in a house in Georgia.
  2. Bolo for man with machine gun

    Just heard Billerica issued a bolo for a man in a black porche with a machine gun...swat involved. Anyone have any info?
  3. Texas school shooting

    Reports of shooting at Lone Star Colleg |
  4. boston rally

    Great rally today...the speakers did a great job...thanks to all!!
  5. Paid the price

    I client of mine found out that I support the 2nd ammendment, we got in what I thought was a calm discussion about firearms, I even offered to take him to the range so he could make an educated decision. I just got a call from him cancelling two kitchen remodels (he owns a multi family), he is...
  6. Bomb threat

    RT @NHPatch: NH State Police confirm they have a bomb tech on the way to Bedford High School for a report of a bomb threat.
  7. Haverhill school buses shot at with bb guns

    Just read a story about two school buses with kids on them being shot at with bb guns. Couldn't copy and paste link with my phone.
  8. Get one while you can

    Soon to be available in 12 volt (low cap) only!!!
  9. closed thread

    So why did my thread get closed? Did I break some rule I am not aware of? Or is just because someone decided to brand mine as a dupe, even though my thread actually posted first? If it is the dupe thing, then thats fine, I really dont care, just dont want to be breaking the rules.[rules]
  10. Mall shooting

    Just heard there was a shooting in a mall in Portland Oregon. Heard several people hit, no more details yet.
  11. Great range day

    Just got home from a great day at the club with four friends. We started out with compound bows on the archery range, then went over and opened up the trap house and shot a few rounds of trap,then finished the day off on the 100 yard shooting everything from 22 up through 308. a little chilly...
  12. New toy

    Just picked up a m&p 15-22 to play with at the range. 5.56 was getting expensive to shoot for a few hours at a time. The manual that came with it hints that its fussy with ammo, anyone find any ammo it doesn't like?
  13. took the wife to the range

    Talked the wife into going to the range for the first time tonight. Couldn't get her to shoot handguns tonight, but she jumped all over the ar. Problem is, now she wants one, IN PINK!
  14. first time shooting trap

    I went to the club this morning and was watching them shoot trap. One of the guys let me use is shotgun to try it. It was my first time ever shooting a shotgun, and I did very poorly, but will be buying a shotgun and going again.
  15. Rookie ar15 question

    I just bought a s & w mp15 sport a couple weeks ago, my question is, are all ar15 mags interchangable? I would like to buy a couple pre ban 20 or 30 round mags for it but have no idea what would fit, if any.
  16. The wait begins again

    Just got my mass ltc last week after a three month wait...just mailed my application for a NH non resident this morning, lets see how long this takes.
  17. The wait is over

    After almost 3 months of waiting, I finally recieved my LTC-A, restrictions none, and headed out to make my first purchase. I could not decide if I wanted to start with a pistol or rifle, so I did what I felt was necessary and bought both. I picked up a Ruger sr9c and a Smith and Wesson M & P 15...
  18. Another trip out to the box of disappointment

    Started ltc process in mid December, still waiting. Keep hitting the mailbox each day thinking todays the day.
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