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  1. Worcester Pistol Rifle Work Party 2021 Schedule

    Jay, Any thoughts about whether the upcoming work day on Sunday 21 Feb is going to be cancelled? Haven't taken my old bones to the club since the snow started taking itself waaaay too seriously.
  2. SDR radios... pretty cool.

    This website publishes a number of different stations that make their SDR's accessible over the interwebz. Use the "filter by location" feature, coupled with a quick visit to view the current grey line map to aid in selecting a station, and listen away!
  3. Online "Getting Started with HAM radio" bootcamp - Nov 7 2020

    Nashua Area Radio Society is offering an online (ZOOM session) Ham Bootcamp, with demonstrations and tutorials covering a variety of topics. More information about the bootcamp , as well as information on how to register for the one they're holding on Nov 7 2020, can be found at the Ham...
  4. Death of Dr. William Aprill - apparently non-covid

    Following up -- for those of you who never attended Dr. Aprill's classes , here is a 2-hour video where he dives into the class with the guys from Practically Tactical. It's hosted on Vimeo (you didn't really think this would be allowed on YouTube, did'ja?) Aprill - The Mindset of Criminal Actors
  5. Death of Dr. William Aprill - apparently non-covid

    I listen to podcasts while driving in the truck, because broadcast radio is almost exclusively crap. In a recent episode I was shocked to hear of the passing of Dr. William Aprill, and decided to do some digging to confirm. (For context, here is an AAR of the class he taught for GOAL in...
  6. Portland building owner apologizes for hiring armed guards during protest

    In a related story, the owner of the building has issued an RFP for removing all urinals and replacing them with "panty-drying stations". (No, this is NOT my audition to write for the babylon bee)
  7. Fireworks online

    Great memories growing up in PA/NJ in the 60's, spend summer weekends and vacation in the Pocono mountains. Dad had a boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, and we would take the boat out while he and his partner-in-misbehaving brother-in-law would let me drive while they each stood in the back of the boat...
  8. Will y'all be my Elmer?

    Strongly agree based on personal experience in the last 9 months. Registered at HamExam , they track my test results by question / section , and randomize the questions from the test pool. For study material, since I have Kindle Unlimited, I didn't have to purchase a book. I used Craig "Buck"...
  9. Prince Harry gives up £50K rifle collection and hunting 'to please Meghan Markle'

    Bison , are you suggesting it's a real-world parallel to the old joke (follows, for all you "young'uns") - Question: Does Barbie come with Ken? Answer: No, Barbie fakes it with Ken -- she comes with GI Joe. Transmission ends.
  10. NRA’s Cleans House/downward spiral megathread, Update post 567 NRA Staffer Used $40K in NRA Money to Pay for Family Wedding

    If WLP's pay cut doesn't come in the form of 100% with resignation, it's not enough.
  11. questions from an inquiring prospective ham operator

    I bought a Baofeng UV-5RA a while back - upgraded the rubber ducky to a better antenna (Nagoya NA-320A), and listened-in on a repeater local to me. Then I got my technician license, and decided I wanted to program in the repeaters I'm likely to drive past in the local area, so I could xmit and...
  12. Another Newbie - Recent Baofeng Purchaser

    September of 2018 the FCC made a determination about sale of some Baofeng products that are not FCC-certified for certain uses (like FRS / GMRS) but are being sold with the capability of xmit/rcv in those frequencies. For more info, here is a place to start : Did the FCC just make Baofengs...
  13. Antenna resources?

    Hmm, missed this when you first posted it , Len. I have a Yaesu VX-6 , with a replacement for the rubber ducky as recommended by HRO in Salem NH (dual-band Diamond SRH229). Still limited in range, whether in house or in vehicle. If your longer antenna is outside the house, I'm very interested...
  14. Lic Question

    I never attended a class - I used two books (same author) to get my license - one for Technician, one for General. The books are included in Kindle Unlimited, so the effective cost to me was zero. Author is Craig Buck K4IA , titles are similar to "Pass your Amateur Radio ZZZZZ Class Test the...
  15. Lic Question

    Nothing prevents you from obtaining equipment and listening. Since the amateur radio bands are self-policing, should you transmit regularly from a fixed location you are exposed to be reported to the FCC and subject to fines. Likelihood? Unknown. There are ham contests called "fox-hunting"...
  16. Antenna resources?

    I'm just a couple of weeks ahead of you on this track - Technician in November, vanity call in December (just 'cuz I wanted to do it), General in February. Technician -- UHF/VHF , mostly local repeaters , on 2m , 1.25m, and 70cm . Primary resource is Minuteman Repeater Assoc General -- adds the...
  17. NEAR-Fest - Deerfield NH - May 1-2 2020

    Well, the thread subject kinda says it all. Big ham fest at the fairgrounds in Deerfield NH. Home - I'm planning on going up Friday morning, returning to Mass that night. Anyone else going?
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