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  1. Any statistics on firearms taken through "gun buy-backs"?

    I've searched around a bit on the 'net, but didn't find any solid info. I'm wondering if there are any overall state or national statistics on the so-called "gun buy backs". Info I'm interested in... overall number of guns taken, type/ cal/ model, # functional, # stolen - and if stolen...
  2. Anyone have a 1911 bushing tap & plunger tube staking tool for loan/rent?

    Hi all, Just finishing up a 1911 build from a "60%" frame casting (will post build details when finished). Wondering if anyone might be willing to loan / rent a grip bushing tap & plunger tube staking tool? Thanks!
  3. MG42 semi in Mass?

    Just wondering if anyone has an idea if it would be legal to build a semi MG42 in Mass? Thanks
  4. Is "Autosport Distributors" in Agawam still open?

    Been trying to get in touch with Autosport Distributors in Agawam, MA for the last week or so. Never any answer. Anyone know if the store is still open for business? If so, any idea what the hours are? Thanks
  5. Anyone offer firearms heat treating services?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a shop that will do 'one-off' heat treating of a receiver (4140 cast steel). I contacted a couple places quite a while back, but they said no, due to liability issues. South NH/VT, western MA shop would be best. Thanks
  6. .380 auto dies for 9mm Luger?

    Hi all, Just picked up a good deal on a Dillon 550 press and am anxious to get started. :-) The press came with a huge pile of 9mm brass, bullets, primers, powder, etc - as well as a toolhead & dies that the former owner had marked with a sharpie "9mm". When I was setting it up, I noticed...
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