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  1. efa-10 sbr how?

    how would i go about filling out an efa-10 for a sbr built from a stripped lower i purchased? the portal doesnt allow a barrel length of less than 16 inches.
  2. 458 socom mags

    i saw that thread but the discussion did not go very far and it did not reference mags designated for 458 socom use.
  3. 458 socom mags

    so it is definitely doable, i only thought about the follower swab because 458 socom specific mags have a follower with an indent the shape of a 458 round.
  4. Adjustable brace on rifle.

    i have seen a similar thread on reddit and the general concensus i have seen is that the atf will consider your firearm to be treated as a pistol if it has a brace instead of a stock regardless of barrel length or oal. as far as i understand, you would have a pistol over 50 oz, with a barrel...
  5. 458 socom mags

    just so i get this out there, very few 458 socom mags are labeled "10 rounds 458 socom," but theres a couple brands that are.
  6. 458 socom mags

    im not planning on doing this just curious what the general opinion of buying 10 round mags for 458 socom and changing the follower to 556 and using them as 30 rounds?
  7. New Acquisitions July 2020 - Firearms Only

    first ar15, first build, first sbr. cant wait to shoot it need to find some ammo and mags this week. -aero m4e1 recievers -m4e1 lower parts kit -odin works 10.5 223 wylde barrel -surefire socom muzzle break -bcm 9" MCMR hand guard -atc ar gold trigger -slr rifleworks TiN bcg -radian...
  8. What did you do to your firearm today.

    finished building it, first ar-15. waiting on an eotech exps2-0 and g33 magnifier.
  9. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    approved eform 1 short barreled rifle for brand new AR15 lower in mass, submitted June 20th 2020 approved July 19 2020. I had heard the BATFE does not recognize Maura's opinion as law, but now I can confirm it is true.
  10. precision rifle builder?

    after waiting several months I have acquired the last piece for an m40a3 clone all i need now is to find a gunsmith to build it. are there any precision rifle builders around? i live in northern mass but willing to travel a bit.
  11. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    submitted form 1 today and mailing prints out today, lets see how long it takes.
  12. form 1

    Thank you all for the replies and information shared.
  13. Surefire socom trainer

    Would it be legal in mass? I will one day leave this state and have a real suppressor, I am building an sbr and would like to do a sig mcx style in the handgaurd suppressor setup.
  14. form 1

    do i have to contact my cleo? i have read the atf has removed that requirement and i only need to send them a copy of the tax stamp after? and can i do the fingerprints myself or does it have to be certified by someone qualified at my local pd?
  15. form 1

    thank you, most usefull info
  16. form 1

    just wondering what the process for a form 1 sbr in mass would be, ty
  17. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Tacticool m17, Wilson combat grip is a must.
  18. So, what firearms are you buying this weekend (MA)?

    sig m17 romeo 1 pro and a streamlight tlr1 hl all of its fde, sexy af.
  19. What Gun Was This?

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