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  1. Spying on forum members thought on fixing it?

    stop reading my posts you .. you .. you reader you
  2. Leominster - Parking spot row leads to arrest

    Source: Parking spot row leads to arrest Loaded gun results in charges By Donna Boynton TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF LEOMINSTER — A Third Street resident was arrested Wednesday night with a cocked and loaded .38-caliber revolver at his feet after a dispute over a parking...
  3. NBA players brandish pistols in locker room

    This ? or something else ?
  4. bumps and PM's

    BUMP = Bring Up My Post
  5. Restricted Class A in Quincy

    True, not saying you're wrong or anything, but from DTR thread "Rejected!" a while back, I didn't get that impression from the thread seems like an applicant just have to catch the new chief on a day when his coffee is warm and his donuts are glazed on both sides [thinking]
  6. Restricted Class A in Quincy

    No one seems to be taking notice of the bold text from DTR
  7. California microstamping law goes into effect today - Jan-01-2010 Tracing device triggers backlash from gun industry By Kevin Yamamura [email protected] Published: Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 - 12:00 am | Page 12A Last Modified: Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 - 10:48 am One in an ongoing...
  8. Boston.Com Article Gun applications up
  9. Gun quiz

    another 9er here I rushed through and f--up on question 4 [crying]
  10. What do we agree on? Current LTC/COP cases

    Most would like to have Vermont law with silencer/suppressor allowed
  11. NRA Life Member Deal

    Great minds ? [cheers]
  12. NRA Life Member Deal

    "The Five-Minute Handbook" FIVE MINUTES TO FREEDOM! A FIVE-MINUTE HANDBOOK FOR GUN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS Copyright © 2000 by [email protected] All rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution is permitted so long as this copyright notice is attached; the complete Handbook (including the...
  13. NRA Life Member Deal

    and whats wrong with that ?
  14. Quincy Licensing

    I'm not so sure, see Mass Trial Court laws Library reference to Commonwealth v. Boe *lawyers will chime in no doubt
  15. Milton firefighter shot in Quincy in alleged road rage attack

    If someone in front (or behind) of you is driving like an a#3h###, best thing you should do is get the license plate, while avoiding them. Fasano made 2 mistakes, stupid game, stupid prizes for sure.
  16. Scott Brown we need to support for senator

    Oh I see, you believe your $19 buys you more privileges or say than others ? I didn't know one had to be a moderator to help keep the forum clutter free maybe only mods should also point out repetitive questions and comments on the site how imbecilic [grin]
  17. Scott Brown we need to support for senator

    Do we really need "another" Scott Brown thread ? why didn't you just contribute your comment to this or
  18. Man With Holstered Gun at Rochester Hannaford Prompts Call

    I hope the officer inform the idiot that called that there's nothing "suspicious" about having a holstered firearm. Maybe next election, I will have all women I see voting arrested. [rolleyes]
  19. I would like to know……

    This is how I ended up here [wink]
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