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  1. 1911A1

    I can't transfer the info for some reason but it appears the CMP received their first 1500 1911's. It is posted on in the weapons forum. (with picture)
  2. Interesting pic of AG

    As soon as she gets hurt: 1) license to operate a chainsaw will be needed for home use. 2) once license is established then the DOT card will come into play. 3) After successfully requiring a license and DOT card then come the "recertification in use" comes into play. All will cost you money but...
  3. Where to get my S&W MP Shield 9MM Trigger Pull modified

    J & S Guns in Acushnet. Go on a Saturday.
  4. One Broomhandle wasn't enough !!!!Broomhandle needed for my collection

    I believe J & S Guns in Acushnet has one for sale.
  5. 1911A1

    Just throwing this out there. If the Military have these 1911's in storage I wonder if there will be any surplus 45 cal. ammo making an appearance?
  6. Protect your dog, get arrested?

    Triple A with a gun....
  7. Old Military Vehicles

    Try the "Military Vehicle Preservation Association" and both are very good places to start with.
  8. 1911A1

    Found this on another forum: Remaining Government Stock of WWII M1911’s Handguns to Be Sold Off to The Public….. NEWS Aug 17, 2015 The upcoming National Defense Authorization Act that passed committee includes a plan to transfer the U.S. Army’s remaining stock of .45 ACP 1911A1 pistols...
  9. Civilian Marksmanship Program

    When did the CMP start selling 45's? Did not see any on their website....
  10. News sources

    Standard Times in New Bedford.
  11. Modding you OOW semiauto B.A.R. for WWII, and other B.A.R. related projects

    Buy the wood and have it milled down to 7/16. Nice project!
  12. Picked up something cool today

    Do you remember the name of the second target ship? There used to be two.
  13. Pizza Box Reactive Targets

    I have a wood stove. In the off season I stuff it with trash mail, burn able paper products (pizza boxes) and light it off once a week. The ash goes out to the garden when I clean the stove out.
  14. Pizza Box Reactive Targets

    I have never thrown one in the trash or recycle. They burn very well!
  15. In Honor Of Memorial Day (was WWII Museum)

    Nice pictures, when I went we were not allowed to use cameras.
  16. Using A Iron To Restore Wood Gunstock

    That looks like a comfortable pink chair. Is it in a office?
  17. M1911A1 Pistols to to CMP?

    Its only a dupe because it has not been moved to the proper thread like everything else does. I still have my serial number from the 45 I carried while in Germany, it would be cool to get that one. (for me anyway)
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