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  1. Sporting clays on the cape

    I will be down on the cape for a bachelor party in early September. Most of the boys are going to play golf Saturday morning, and since I do not play golf I was wondering if there was any place to shoot some sporting clays on Saturday morning? The house we are renting is located in West Yarmouth...
  2. Let's talk about AXES

    Gransfors Bruks are great axes. But in my opinion go to a yard sale and try and find a old Plumb ax. You can usually pick these up for under 5 bucks. They are form the 60's or 70's. The steel is much better and will hold a better edge for longer. Don't worry to much about the condition they...
  3. Tobacco Pipe

    Thinking about getting a pipe, never smoked one before. I smoke cigars regularly. Not sure where to start. Any help would be great.
  4. Trap Shooting - First time

    I was avid trap shooter. Then a new friend took me to sporting clays, I now I only shoot trap once or twice a year at a turkey shoot. Sporting clay is golf whit a shotgun.
  5. obama shotgun

    I think it may be a browning 725
  6. Linsky is on Fox

    even my GF who is kind of anti gun says he is a Twat
  7. Waterproof boots?

    It depends on what you are going to be doing wiht them. Redwings are fantastic but pricey and geared for construction. their sister brand irish setter are alway a good bet. LL bean's maine hunting shoe is a safe bet as well.
  8. Leicester Rod & Gun Club Sporting clays

    Their website says they sporting clay's starting April 15 but that where the info ends. Anybody have any more details, time cost Etc????
  9. HELP Shotgun Tube Sets

    10-4 I have a .410 for skeet and sporting clays already. I am most instrestd in the gun the tubes are a bonus.
  10. HELP Shotgun Tube Sets

    Thanks guys........
  11. HELP Shotgun Tube Sets

    What to look for? How they work? Do they do any damage to gun over time. there effect on accurency? Etc... It is a used gun so what to look for as far as the tube that it will come with. Are they worth the extra $$$ to get shotgun with them. I have all so heard that some shotgunners feel that it...
  12. HELP Shotgun Tube Sets

    Have an chance to purchase a browning over under that comes with a set of briley tubes to change the gauge. Don't know much about tubes any help you guys can give me would be a big help. Thanks Badluck
  13. Lead Friendly Trap/Sprting Clays ranges

    Hamilton in sturbrige. Quaboag Sportsman in Warren
  14. JMC holster

    I have one for my glock I just ordered on for my M&P. Good quality and fit.
  15. Worcester - LTC A, Restrictions: None

    No interview, if your are renewing form a different issuing town you will need two letters of recomendation on bussiness letterhead.
  16. Skeet chokes

    Going to be shooting some skeet in the next couple weeks. Just wondering what you guys recomend for chokes for skeet. I have a O/U, and I have guys say just to run skeet in both barrels. But I figured there would be some knowledgable guys on here that could help me out. Thanks Guys
  17. Worcester - LTC A, Restrictions: None (New Applicant)

    Congrats...................................Just got a renewal with no restrictions from Worcester on Wednesday. No interview just submitted all the required paperwork. Nothing special.
  18. Worcester - LTC A, Restrictions: None

    Job well done, again I thank you for paving the way.
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