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  1. Smallest (Rifle) Safe with a High Fire Rating

    As the subject line states, need a small safe (but still 60" inches high) - one with a high fire rating (1200 Degrees for 75 minutes +). I've been looking at the Liberty Safes - any other brand/model suggestions?
  2. WTS Three Matching Global Lateral File Cabinets

    Purchased new (spent $1,600 w/shipping) and in excellent condition. All client records have been digitized (paperless) and not renewing office lease so looking to sell all (3) as a group. Two sets of keys for each cabinet. Excellent storage for anything firearms. File Cabinets | Lateral |...
  3. WTS Gary Player Signed (2007) Masters Flag

    For Sale: An authentic Masters Pin Flag signed by Gary Player. The Masters Pin Flag is protected in a snap enclosed sleeve and is in excellent condition. Pricing: $275 (Cash) Location: North Shore Contact: PM
  4. WTB 10 Round Magazines for Sig 365 XL

    As noted, looking for 10 Round Magazines for Sig 365 XL
  5. WTT 223 for 45 ACP (and/or 10 Round Sig 365 XL Mags)

    Looking to trade 223 (62 Grain AE Boat-Tail and/or 55 Grain Wolf Gold) for (230 Grain Brass Cased) 45 ACP and/or Sig 365 XL Magazines. Location: North Shore. Contact: PM

  7. WTB Delete

  8. WTS Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 60 (Gram) Driver Shaft (Stiff)

    Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 60 (Stiff) - Item was just purchased ("like new") - hit 20 times - in perfect condition. Too stout for my swing speed. - Shaft (length) was built by Ping to an overall length (with G400 Driver head) of 45.25" - No further modifications have been made. - Golf Pride...
  9. Beverly Hospital Lockdown

    Developing ...
  10. 7.1 Earthquake in MC

    Cat 5 will cut through PR like a band saw. I do believe I read 9/23 we will all be put out of our misery.
  11. AMZN buying WFM
  12. Congressman Shot

  13. Crazy, but True?

    Let's assume you were legal in a state other than MA - let's assume NH. You have the requisite license (PR if deemed to be required), were left no option but to use deadly force and was acquitted and/or never charged by NH. Does MA have ANY recourse to jam you up, either temporarily while the...
  14. No Words
  15. Reuters: Bundy ("Oregon Militants") - Not Guilty of Conspiracy
  16. Healey "On the Record" (WCVB - 9/18)

    Viewer discretion is advisable. [puke] Segment #1: Segment #2: Segment #3...
  17. Emergency Food, et al

    I keep a fair amount of water on hand (25 Gallons for 2 people), but have been negligent in building an emergency food supply. My thought, as thoughtless as it may be, is to have, aside from what's in the house, at least a 30 day supply of emergency food. Which emergency food providers do you...
  18. Updated: Healey (Signed) Letter (7/25) from Joint Committee on the Judiciary

    Per my Reps assistant, this draft Letter by the House Chair of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary was circulated, signed, and sent to Healey. Delete if a dupe. Draft Letter: Final (Signed) Letter:
  19. Have Fun [puke]
  20. Reuters: Supreme Court "May" Take Action on State Assault Weapon Bans

    As Rick James said: "Can't Touch This"
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