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    Location : South Shore, MA Description : Brand New Sig Sauer 220R .45 with night sights. New in box. Accessories : -4 Magazines (All new) -Range Holster -IWB alien gear holster (like new) -1000 Rounds Winchester .45 ball ammo -Box of JHP carry Ammo -Magazine carrier Selling Terms : Face...
  2. WTB Sig P320 Compact Mags

    Looking to buy a few 320 Compact mags. PM if you have some available. Thank you.
  3. MA NFA Trust - Sole Individual?

    I know there are a few trust posts with recent purposed laws but I have a specific question that I have been unable to find an answer for. My form 1 was kicked back for correction. The problem being that it says "grantor, trustee, and beneficiary cannot be the sole individual/entity in trust."...
  4. WTS Country Fest - Kenny Chesney tickets for Friday 8/23

    I have two pairs of tickets for sale for Friday Aug. 23rd. 2 tickets for the SandBar (Front row)- $575 for both. 2 tickets for section CL6 - $250 for both. Both tickets are in hand and face value. Sadly, I cannot go to the show due to unfortunate events and am looking to break even. I...
  5. What Lower is this?

    Anyone have any idea of what lower this is? And what about the stock? Thanks in advanced.
  6. Norinco 84S

    Looking for information on the Norinco 84S. From what I have read, they are picky on mags and mags are expensive. With that asside, I have a few questions: Is it correct that they were only imported prior to '94, making the bayonett lug and muzzel device and all mags boxed with it MA-ok...
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