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  1. wheel weights

    Anybody still using wheel weights? If so I got a bucket of them but don't know current prices. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  2. .40 S&W reloading with unique

    Ok, I have posted before about stuff and gotten all manner of responses. Just looking for some help on this one. I was recently reloading some .40 for my wifes sig. I was going to use unique and the actual weight for the projectile is 165gr copper jacketed. When I measured the powder drop it was...
  3. yet another 9mm reloading question

    SO I am getting ready to load 9mm. I have seen a lot of conflicting info. Here is what I am loading. I have 115 grain, FMJ, round nose. I am loading with either unique or 231. I am looking for a good O.A.L for the round, also for good middle of the road recipe with regards to powder drop. Any...
  4. .40 S&W case question

    Ok guys, heres my latest question. When I am reloading 40 S&W, a handful of rounds come out and will not chamber in my wifes sig. All the other ones are fine, just these few. They are too fat to go in. I am using a Dillion 550, loading cast rounds. Should I just chalk this up to weak cases? Thanks.
  5. post ban ar mags

    Ok, here's the deal. Someone wants to give me 2 post ban 30 round mags for and ar 15. I live in MA.. can I or can't I have these?
  6. 7.62 vs .308 reloading ?

    Hey guys. So here's my latest inquiry. I have a lot of military surplus brass in 7.62x51. There seems to be no reloading recipes out there that I can find. Being that it is similiar to .308, though .308 has higher pressures from what I have read. Can it be reloaded safely with a low end .308 recipe?
  7. smokey reloads

    Any idea what causes all the smoke? I reload .45, .40, .380?. I use unique, clays, win 231. Just curious if there are any other powders less smokey.
  8. ar-10 build question

    Ok here it is. real simple. I want to get an ar-10. I have been thinking about it for awhile. Would it be cheaper to build one or not? Where to get parts.
  9. range fees

    Any one here belong to a club that has range fee's? I belong to one and to be honest, great club but I pay a membership to use the club. I know of no other club that has range fee's. It is a discouragment to bringing potential members down to shoot. Especially when it's $6 for them and $2 for you.
  10. .223 reloading

    Hey guys. I have got the pistol thing down pretty good and am now going to try my hand at rifle. I am starting with .223 for an AR-15. I am using jacketed 55gr and BLC-2 powder. Any helpful tips on rifle reloading? I read through a couple of books and such. Thanks ahead of time.
  11. .380 hard cast

    does anyone know where I can get some .380 hard cast? Please Pm me. not looking to out anyone. Thanks Bob.
  12. Magnum primers?

    Ok, the primer thing is getting old. Can I use small pistol magnum primers in .40 cal. I am loading for a sig p229 for my wife. on the lower end with either clays, win231, or unique. Thanks. 175 and 180 gr.
  13. Rifle reloading

    Hey guys. Been awhile since I have posted. I am moving into rifle reloading now as well. Man this is getting out of control. Shotshell, pistol, now rifle? What's next a store? Here's my question. I am going to reload .223 and .308. What is a good powder for either of those? Clean, least smokey...
  14. FLAKES?

    Ok, here's the deal. I am reloading .45 acp and here is the recipe I am using from a lyman book. 200 grain LSWC, unique 5.0 grains, 1.235" OAL, .451" for the lead. I am firing out of a Sig P220. They work fine but man is there a lot of flakes on the bench after I am done. Also very smoky. Any...
  15. 7.62 vs 5.56 AR Style rifle

    Ok, I am actively on the hunt for an AR style rifle and this is the newest question I have. I have a Savage .308 rifle and thought to myself, hey why not get an AR in .308 so that I don't have to have different ammo around. Any experience or input on this? Pro's, con's, Etc?? Thanks guys.
  16. yet another newbie question

    I have access to wheel weight and want to trade or sell them to anyone interested. My question is this, how many bullets can be cast from 5 gallon buckets of weights? I don't want to ask for too much in return and look like a jerk. Just need some input here guys.
  17. 40 s&w with clays?

    I have been searching around for a recipe or 2 for Clays with 40 s&w. Any one have one they use? I am using 175,185,200gr LSWC. I am using federal and win primers. I use Clays with my .45 and love it! The gun is actually my wifes p226 sig. Hey what can I say, I chose wisely when I got married. :-)
  18. Sig P220 recoil spring

    Ok here is my question. I am reloading and want to know if I replace the recoil spring to a lower rating, will my lower grain loads work better? Right now I am loading with unique, 185gr bullet, and 5.0gr of powder. It wants to cycle the gun but just misses the mark a bit. 5.6gr works but is a...
  19. yet more ar15 choice help

    Ok, here's the deal. I am new to this realm of guns so I appreciate all your help. Can anybody provide a list of who does and doesn't use m4 feed ramps? It seems that is the way to go. Thanks again guys.
  20. Help I need an AR style rifle!!!!!

    Ok guys, here's where you get to help me out. I really want an AR style rifle. Yes I know I can build one, but that will come later once I am familiar with them. So with that said, What would you recomend? I held a DPMS Panther the other day and man was it nice. Very Good fit. $849 new. I...
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