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  1. IMPORTANT: DO NOT just send e-mails to politicians!!

    DO NOT JUST SEND E-MAILS. They are far LESS effective than you can ever imagine. I worked in the MA legislature for six years (before you ask, it was for an A+ rated, GOAL endorsed politician). Many reps and senators won't even see the emails as they will get passed on to a staff member and...
  2. Cory Maye, victim of the drug war, finally going home after 10 years in prison

    I'm sure many people here on NES are familiar with Cory Maye's story. If you're not, you should be. Radley Balko has a great write up here: Every time a thread pops up about botched SWAT raids, people wonder what would happen if...
  3. Super Mall Ninja... err.. Extreme Close Quarters Shooting

    High drag, low speed... or something. At around 1:10 it gets awesome.
  4. NRA to endorse Harry Reid?

    A friend of mine just e-mailed me this link: I have no idea if this is true or not, but if it is it means the NRA has officially been bought by a politician that voted for the brady bill and assault weapons ban.
  5. Teachers Tackles Gunman at Colorado Middleschool

    In Colorado:,2933,587300,00.html The guy shot two students but was stopped by a couple teachers before he could shoot anyone else.
  6. Trouble finding a holster for my S&W 649

    sorry for yet another holster topic but I haven't been able to find any info on this. I've been trying to find an IWB holster for my S&W 649 bodyguard. Right now I have a simple uncle mike's but the revolver doesn't feel very secure. Here is the problem: my 649 has a 2 1/8 barrel and...
  7. Gun Crime up 89% in the UK over last decade

    Sorry if this ends up being a dup post. Saw this news story today (though the article is from yesterday): I've seen a lot of articles/editorials/blog posts recently talking about how the...
  8. **Governor Patrick Files New Gun Control Legislation**

    May 06, 2009 - For immediate release: PATRICK-MURRAY ADMINISTRATION FILES BILL TO REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE IN THE COMMONWEALTH Legislation seeks to reduce supply of illegal guns, increase penalties and comply with federal requirements BOSTON– Wednesday, May 6, 2009 – Continuing Governor...
  9. help with my first revolver

    I brought home a S&W 649 last night (my first revolver) and thought I'd give it a good cleaning before taking it out on a test run. However, while cleaning I noticed that the patches were catching on the inside of the barrel near the cylinder. I'm not concerned about the material itself...
  10. First Purchase!

    As some of you that browse the MA Gun Laws forum may already know, I recently got my LTC A in the mail. I picked up my first pistol today while doing some "christmas shopping". Now all I have to do is decided whether or not I want the $50 or two free mags. I'll probably go with the mags...
  11. just got my LTC in the mail

    I just got my LTC in the mail (Taunton). No restrictions. A big thank you to those in this forum who offered their advice and answered my questions. Happy Holidays and stay safe.
  12. My experience in Taunton

    edit: my experience was very pleasant.
  13. "compliant" HK's

    I have searched, but thus far to no avail. It was/is my understanding that new HKs cannot be sold here in MA because they don't meet the AG's regs. However, I have recently seen a number of supposedly new HK's for sale on some shops' websites. I also know a few guys who bought their HKs new...
  14. MA compliant "ambidextrous" firearms

    i will applying for my LTC this fall. i'm left handed and shoot left handed. the only firearms i'm aware of that are "ambidextrous" are glocks, and a couple HKs. since neither of these are on the AG's secret list, does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could get NEW here in MA that is...
  15. address verification

    does anyone on here know how the licensing authority verifies an address? do they use the RMV database? voter registration? i was told that i did not need to supply anything extra, such as utility bills, etc, so i'm curious as to what method they will be using. Thanks.
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