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  1. Current C&R Processing Times 5/2022

    Only our government could be so inept.😃
  2. Current C&R Processing Times 5/2022

    New administration ……. new priorities for the ATF🙁
  3. Current C&R Processing Times 5/2022

    I sent in my renewal last December and it finally came in today. When I called previously I was told that it was “still processing”. They did offer to send me a letter so I could still use it while it was in for renewal. I can’t believe that it took four and a half months. Bob
  4. finally applied for c&r

    Welcome to the next level of the hobby. I use the same book (a second book) for my personal weapons as well. It makes it easy two keep all the info together. Bob
  5. finally applied for c&r

    My renewal was stamped received 12/30/22 and the credit card was charged in mid January. I still haven’t received it yet but they offered to send me a letter so I could still use the expired one. I called just to make sure it didn’t get lost in the mail and they said that is was “still in...
  6. 03 Renewal Question

    FYI I called ATF this Morning (866.662.2750) and they said that they are running about 60 days. I sent my renewal in they end of December and they said that it was still processing. Bob
  7. 03 Renewal Question

    Any idea what the processing time is these days? I mailed mine renewal in the end of December and they charged my card mid January but I haven’t received my license as of yet. My current license expired on the first. Thanks, Bob
  8. Very nice 1936 German modified VZ-24 Lion Crest

    Beautiful rifle. Awesome crest. Bob
  9. M1 Garand CMP service grade SA revieved 6/18/2021

    Nice rifle and interesting thread. Thank you for sharing your new ,to you, rifle with us. I always enjoy your threads and usually learn something. Bob
  10. SMLE rifles

    @Picton just beat me to it. Lots of great info over there. If you take some good pictures of a rifle you are looking at they will let you know what you are looking at. Keep in mind that you need 25 posts to view the Tucos trader forum. Bob
  11. Calling all 1911 experts.....

    I agree with Cams. Definitely not a one. Post it over on gunboards in the military hand gun forum. Someone there will know. Bob
  12. My Last Rifle

    Yikes. It is amazing what they can do these days. I‘m glad that you were at least able to hang up your cane. Bob
  13. My Last Rifle

    Gotta count your blessings and keep on keeping on the best you can. i had back operation #8 last October as my legs just weren’t working right but I am back to getting around reasonably well with a cane. Bob
  14. My Last Rifle

    That really shined up nicely. I have a friend who had a bottom bicep tear repaired and it is stronger than it was before the tear. He is a life long weight lifter. Bob
  15. My Last Rifle

    Very nice. Bob
  16. Pissing off the purists...

    That works too. Bob
  17. Pissing off the purists...

    You know you have reached your pinnacle when your name becomes a verb as in that poor elderly rifle has been Sweeneyed.😂😂😂 Bob
  18. Did you get a MilSurp in your Stocking?

    Damn .... I need a bigger stocking.😆 Bob
  19. Sporterized 1873 Trapdoor in MA, bound book or not?

    Very pretty and unique rifle. I am looking forward to seeing what it does at the range. Bob
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