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  1. Moving to another town in Maine

    I hold a CWP in Maine, issued by the local police department (not state police). If I move to another town that is its own issuing authority, would I be considered a new applicant? Yes, I know its a constitutional carry states, but I get the permit regardless for certain benefits outlined in...
  2. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    Glad to hear it went smoothly - usually does.
  3. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    600 miles - well you are pretty far up there then, so I see where you are coming from. Just FYI - the interview was just making sure I filled the form out right and that was it. Its actually less of a pain in the ass than when I had to get/renew my resident permit. But I hear you, I wasn't a...
  4. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    Do you still have a copy of your older safety certificate? If so, they should take that. They took mine and at the time it was 8 years old. As for your second comment - IMHO I would get a MA NR LTC, I recently got mine and it was about 2.5 months from start to finish. It was unrestricted. Yes...
  5. Quick question about non-resident concealed carry in Maine

    You dont *need* one, but I would get one anyways - especially if they decide for some reason to rescind the constitutional carry or append a bunch of regs to it. You don't want to have to deal with the rush of applications and delay that might cause. Its pretty short money for a non-resident and...
  6. 130th Maine Legislature Bill Tracker

    FYSA Gun Owners of Maine - 130th Bill Tracking
  7. legal length of barrel on a home made shotgun?

    This is from the horses mouth if its not an antique/muzzle loader: Which firearms are regulated under the NFA? | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives If its a muzzle loader/pre-1898 it might be OK to be under 18" if it doesn't have a "modern" ignition system, at least from what...
  8. Long guns in vehicles

    Maybe this helps? Laws Pertaining to Hunting Equipment: Hunting Laws & Rules: Hunting & Trapping: Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife What you have there isn't a magazine, so I would imagine its G2G. I do 3 gun up here and I see people with that exact same thing attached to their...
  9. where to buy suppressors in maine

    I know this is an old thread, but just in case anyone is looking..... A Squared Armament
  10. Out of stater in Maine

    Sweet. My last renewal for an out of state (before I moved to Maine) was just about 60 days. I think that was back in 2015. Glad to see things speeding up. In state when I moved here was about 2 weeks.
  11. It begins! 129th Maine Legislature.

    Wasn't all bad this year fortunately. Gun Owners of Maine - Bill Tracking
  12. Out of stater in Maine

    My bad, didn't see that for some reason. Regardless, still recommend getting an out of state permit for the reasons stated in the same link. Plus, if this is ever repealed, the rush to get licenses will make Mass look fast, which I why maintain a resident permit.
  13. Out of stater in Maine

    Unfortunately the verdict seems to be out on this still. Lots of online press says residents only, a few say if you read the law it includes non-residents. I would say if you plan to come up here a lot, get a non-resident permit and call it a day. Safest bet. (I know it doesn't help you for...
  14. Sauschuck confirmation hearing

    Anyone go to this (or is current at it) today at the state house? Or sent in testimony? I did the latter, but would like to know how the turnout was.
  15. It begins! 129th Maine Legislature.

    Well, I was just re-posting from GOME's website. From the GOME status list of bills from the 128th legislature, it seems they did an excellent job in advancing our 2A rights. But I fear that road might get much harder soon. I just wish there was a more active online community outside of...
  16. It begins! 129th Maine Legislature.

    Gun Owners of Maine - Bill Titles, 129th First Session
  17. Portland City Code 17-42?

    I am assuming that this: Title 25, §2011: State preemption ...voids the sections I pointed out in the Portland City code. Title 25 Section 2011 seems to have been enacted in 1989. The two sections of city code I pointed out were 1972 and 1975. So I guess they just leave them in the city code...
  18. Portland City Code 17-42?

    Yeah, I saw that too. So I assume that there was a time that state law did not pre-empt local law when the code was written? Or Portland tried to enact their own law and it doesn't really stand?
  19. Portland City Code 17-42?

    Whats the deal with Portland City Code 17-42 (and 43 for that matter)? I thought localities cannot pre-empt state law in Maine? Sec. 17 - 42. Same -- Carrying at nighttime...
  20. Moving to Maine...

    Reviving this thread as I am now settled in Portland. Two questions... Is there a COMM2A or GOAL like organization in Maine? I see Gun Owners of Maine. Are they a decent organization? Is there an NES like forum for Maine? I see MEShooters? Seems to be busy.
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