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  1. H5163 signed by Baker

    We are so screwed when Maura takes the big chair.
  2. Interview?

    Exactly the same here until my renewal last week. Last week it was just pass the info through the window slot and sign the application. I’m guessing that it will return to the usual “interview” after the last legislative nonsense. We call on a specific day of the week and time to get a day and...
  3. LTC expires in a few days, just realizing it. i do not own a single firearm. is it a big deal to drop off a renewal a few days "late"?

    My PD requires an appointment no more than 60 days prior to expiration and you still won’t get it before your current license expires. You may want to call the PD and see what the process is if you haven’ already done so. Bob
  4. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    Sovereign citizen for the win.
  5. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    In Massachusetts you need to be prepared for those kind of things. Hardly anyone ever forgets their cellphone these days so the solution is pretty simple; besides how else could you post on NES. Just take a picture of you current DL and LTC and you will always have proof of your papers. Pro...
  6. PSA gun storage

    With all the uncertainty in the world today, local and abroad, I think that more people are carrying and want a gun around when they are out and about. A great reminder for sure and anyone who carries should have lockable storage in every vehicle they drive for those times when a weapon needs...

    You can always have someone licensed in Mass meet you at the border and transport them for you. Bob

    Don’t forget to make your truck ready for the trip.
  9. MA license but have property in FL

    Last time I renewed I was specifically asked about licenses in other states. My city/town is listed as green but at best it’s orange. Bob
  10. Good outcome

    It’s nice to see the good guys win some.👍 Bob
  11. MA license but have property in FL

    IME tax and utility bills that go to a Massachusetts address will be a problem. They also need to be from state owned utilities. For example, Comcast won’t cut it but Florida Light and Power would work. A resident Fishing license will work and young inexperienced Walmart employees are...
  12. Muzzleloader black powder no fid

    Still better than getting Scriv’d. Bob
  13. LTC expired 10 years ago. Renewal?

    What Len said. My wife was expired for close to 10 years and it was just a straight renewal. We did have her expired LTC and I believe it made a difference. Does he have the expired FID card. Bob
  14. PD is requesting a Naturalization Certificate for FID. I was never Naturalized.

    That would do it. Good for you getting your FID. I got mine when I was 15. Bob
  15. PD is requesting a Naturalization Certificate for FID. I was never Naturalized.

    If they are going to give you all this crap over an FID you might as well get an LTC and be done with it. Bob
  16. Can I reattain my LTC in MA?

    Forever, unfortunately. Bob
  17. Family firearm transfer

    His LTC is expired so the transfers would have to be done at an FFL. Bring your father in law, guns (transported by someone who has an LTC) and the transferee to an FFL and transfer. Your father in law can loan them to a licensed individual to use and store for an indefinite time period and...
  18. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    If all this is troubling to you just buy a Preban and be done with it. No muss no fuss and nothing to worry about. Bob
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