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  1. beretta 21a bobcat

    not anything I could do. It sits at the back of the safe now.
  2. Cross armory stock lock good for MA?

    "Permanent" doesn't seem to apply to this. It is easily removed with tools so I don't see how it would meet the MA law.
  3. Assembled glock 19 advantage arms kit incorrectly. Slide stuck on.

    The barrel has to stay in place every time you take the slide off the frame. Easiest way is as you described it, barrel secured against a solid object when you bring the slide back 1/8" to move the slide lock.
  4. H&R revolver gunsmith recommendation

    I have an old H&R 32 S&W top break revolver that has broken the flat spring that is attached to the arm. Does anyone know of a gunsmith that would work on an old gun that will not charge a ton? Considering this is a $150 gun (at best) I hate to spend more than that getting it running again...
  5. Glock changed their slide finish?

    This. The treatment if the metal to harden it is not the cosmetic finish. Salt bath nitriding of one type or another is still happening.
  6. Fluted or not?

    This. Fluting adds rigidity as compared to a barrel of the same weight. It typically decreases weight and adds back some of the rigidity that the original full barrel had. Think the "blood groove" added into a sword. Decreases weight (weaker) but adds back some of the rigidity while...
  7. SWD Mac 11 busted reciever.

    Chances are it was run without any or with a crappy buffer before you owned it or you just had sub-par welds. Some of the TX guns are known for crappy welds. 86 guns are known to sometimes have been poorly welded during the rush before Hughes went into effect.
  8. SWD Mac 11 busted reciever.

    Sam at Practical Solutions can fix it. He does them all the time. Call him, don't email.
  9. are century arms m70 ak's mass compliant?

    Preban only
  10. SWD m11/9 metal magazine

    Belt sander. Done with Pam 2 mags made for the M11 all the time. I would not do this on some of the thin df mags out there. Look on uzitalk about checking the back of your magwell for a point of contact where the stud for the rear handgrip is welded on. Minor sanding there can also fix...
  11. Sent my Sig in for Sig Service Plan rebuild

    Cost for service?
  12. 500 Smith grip wearing out

    Bleed? My money is on the first guy to lose his grip and send it backwards either into his own forehead or pitch it over his head backwards ten feet. That and it would feel like smashing your hand with a hammer IMO.
  13. Glock changed their slide finish?

    Perfectly put. Meloniting, gas nitriding, salt bath carburizing (sp) and Tenifer are all close to the same process and harden the metal. The final cosmetic finish is not from the meloniting. Same reason a Glock can have a ton of holster wear and still not rust. The hardening is still...
  14. Bass Pro Remington R-25 .308, Nikon M-308, Plano Custom Case Package

    Possible Bass Pro exclusive and a one shot deal from a distributor?
  15. Did i break my T53 at Monadnock?

    Endcap for the lower stock is missing.
  16. Steel cased ammuniton...

    If you wear out a pistol barrel from shooting steel, chances are you have saved enough to buy a couple barrels plus.
  17. Considering Building My First SBR

    With the MA AWB the AR pistol is a no go so most here are stuck waiting without the parts together. And if you build the pistol, it shouldn't have the carbine buffer tube attached until the form comes back.
  18. Considering Building My First SBR

    Average wait time for an approved form 1 (making a NFA firearm) is nine months at the moment. You will have to engrave to NFA standards the information including name or trust name plus city and state from your form 1 onto the reciever. You cannot build it before You have the approved form 1...
  19. Seriously considering a M1A Scout Squad..... Thoughts?

    Mini 30 is 7.62x39. Not 308. I have a M1A and a Ruger ranch rifle (mini 14). No comparison. The newer rugers may be better shooters but the older ones are not known for accuracy. Don't know enough fact to comment but doesn't the really short barrel seriously affect ballistics, especially...
  20. why has nobody made a cut down version of the m1a scout mount?

    Iirc you would have to lose something like half an inch plus of height. Impossible with the internals of the M1a. The stock peep sits damn low in relation to the bore. Look at the channel they had to create on the mount just to get functional irons.
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