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  1. Mosin Nagant KO-91/30

    Circle C Mark on the barrrel is considered a sign of a Fake sniper. Ukraine made fake. You can research it some more but IMO it's fake
  2. Mosin Nagant KO-91/30

    Edit. The markings should include a "CH" on the barrel to designate a sniper. I don't see that so I will say my initial opinion is suspect. Who is marked as the importer? That is a genuine scope and a genuine sniper IMO. The mount is serialized to the rifle as it should be. Does the...
  3. Kokura Type 38

    The bluing on that type 38 is really nice. How is the bore?
  4. Does a C&R seller need to see your LTC in addition to your C&R licence?

    Considering you must have the LTC to be in compliance with MASS law, not federal law (FFL), the seller seems to be covering his bases. A FFL holder (dealer) is supposed to make sure that the firearm complies with laws in the state it is going to (that's why you can't legally buy AWB rifles out...
  5. My mosin revisited, see what I can squeeze out of it

    Shim it with coke can aluminum and wrap the barrel like the Finns do.
  6. My first Japanese; a T99 long rifle with a twist...RANGE REPORT

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love the Japanese rifles from WW2. Excellent condition, too.
  7. 1857 Allen & Wheelock five-shot .34 revolver RANGE REPORT

    nice piece, thanks for sharing.
  8. probably a dumb mosin nagant question

    Should be manufacturer OR importer. Russia (typically) or CAI in most cases now. The new SN and importer are on the reciever in that horrible billboard dot matrix.
  9. probably a dumb mosin nagant question

    Ignore the original marks. Look on the typical plastic tag hanging from the triggerguard and use the SN listed there. It is usually a new one added by the importer.
  10. Ishapore anyone?

    I still want to find a wire wrapped one. It also needs to be shoot able and without a sewer pipe bore.
  11. First Monopod - T99 Arisaka

    Great price for that, I have been looking for one with no luck except at stupid prices.
  12. Rebuild cut receiver MG with MG license?

    You can't keep post samples. 07 and SOT is going to cost more than 4k in MASS a year.
  13. Mosin newbie stripper clip question

    Put your thumb as far back against the stripper clip as possible. I see people struggle when they put their thumb in the middle of the stack of rounds and then they won't fall in smoothly. The front of the rounds nose dive and screw everything up. The clips shown in the video are also the...
  14. Chinese Type-63/68 Select Fire

    Amazing find.
  15. Finally got a Mosin! (need help)

    Benched or standing? Standing, to me, has a LOT less perceived recoil.
  16. I want strippers

    I finally posted the Russian clips on the accessories board.
  17. I want strippers

    I should have some for sale this week. Sold a ton before all Russian post war clips, most arsenal marked. Just need to sort and wipe them down.
  18. Molot firearms and their mosins

    This has come up on the Mosin board and one person who imports arms and saw these at the factory stated that the snipers that came in were refurbed at some point in the past by a communist factory as normal and all molot did was laser engrave them and package them up for export. With the...
  19. 1917 Peter the Great

    One of the ones I still want but cant seem to find unless it looks like somone ran it over with a train.
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