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  1. NR LTC in-person interview COVID protocol?

    Here is the COVID blurb to visit 200 Arlington. 2) Please note the following COVID-19 procedure requirements: · You must wear a mask or face covering at all time. · Your temperature will be taken prior to interview, and must read less than 100 degrees. · If you are visibly ill (coughing...
  2. NR LTC in-person interview COVID protocol?

    Moved out of Mass a few years ago - looking to finally apply for my NR LTC (I know, perfect timing). What is the deal with showing up in person when its your first application? Are there any COVID restrictions in effect outside of the norm for entering the building in Chelsea? Didnt see anything...
  3. Past 60 days for out of state ltc

    This 100%. Big boy pants I think someone usually calls it.
  4. College campus

    Assuming you mean in Mass? 2.5h can get you to a number of different states from the cape. Calls out carrying specifically in the law. Some threads seem to be mixed on the idea of locking it up. College campus carry...
  5. New LTC application - Boston (circa 2020)

    You mention you might have a footprint out of state soon? When is that? You might want to just wait it out if its not long from now and just get out. A lot less hassles. OR, get the restricted LTC, take the courses and become an NRA/BFS instructor and have them remove the restrictions. Thats...
  6. My daughter wants to carry pepper spray

    Its sad this even has to be a question. I guess its the GOP's "war on women"? :rolleyes:
  7. Any recent experience with Sudbury LTC?

    Gotcha. Most likely will be restricted first go around. :( I have no idea how COVID is impacting the permitting process, so add time on top of that. Did she at least take the BFS course already?
  8. Any recent experience with Sudbury LTC?

    No "hoops" to jump through, they sometimes take their time (as do a lot of other departments, plus they are small) - but getting an unrestricted is unlikely first time around. As you probably saw about 60% are issued with restrictions first time. They will remove restrictions on renewal...
  9. Moving back to MA want to know if I'll have issues getting FID/LTC

    Lots of factors at play! I wasn't trying to be facetious, but sometimes paying a little more vs the hassles dealing with what you might have to deal with just isnt worth it. Life is too short. The MBTA goes down to N. Kingston now, no? Depending on where you live in RI and where you work or...
  10. Moving back to MA want to know if I'll have issues getting FID/LTC

    Sounds like it just might be easier (and cheaper) to stay in RI?
  11. Buying Pre 7/20/2016 lower, Help please

    Maybe just get a non-AR? (SCAR, Tavor, etc..etc...). Might end up being cheaper in the end.
  12. Out of State Purchase of a Used Revolver

    KTP is nice if you want quick cash, but if you want the maximum return, just sell it yourself. Its true though, you can get different prices on different days depending on who is behind the trade counter.
  13. Please do NOT list 'All Lawful Purposes'

    When I lived in Mass, same thing. ALP all the way.
  14. Please do NOT list 'All Lawful Purposes'

    What I have seen folks do in the past is just flood the reason for issuance section......."self-defense, target shooting, sporting, hunting, training, pistol shooting, IDPA, etc..etc...".
  15. Please do NOT list 'All Lawful Purposes'

    This is for Hudson, MA. Unless something changed everyone I knew there got unrestricted first and on renewals, and that was fairly recently.
  16. Please do NOT list 'All Lawful Purposes'

    Hi! I have since moved out of state (so I dont keep up with things as much), but I got an email from a friend of mine who is applying for an in-state LTC. He mentioned his application says "Please do NOT list 'All Lawful Purposes'" under the reason for issuance section. I took a look at the...
  17. Question on Mass ammo/firearms sales license, PM me please...

    Anyone knowledgeable about this, can you PM me please?
  18. LTC on a business address...

    Hi! Just want some clarification. I know an LTC can be issued to your business address. How about if you have a current resident LTC issued to your home address and you move out of state and keep the Mass business. Do you have to turn around and get a NR LTC, or can you change your...
  19. Guns and breakups

    We are taking about AR's, not handgun lowers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Guns and breakups

    Has she come out officially about the frame transfer business? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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