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  1. Stabbing at mci Shirley

    Just heard from my bil who is a correctional officer that 6 guards got stabbed earlier today and one is In Critical condition.
  2. S&W 629 and Chinese ammo = Boom

    I guess it just not a 40 that goes boom...
  3. Murder suicide in Waltham

    Don't have to much details as this just happened a couple hours ago. I did hear a firearm was used though.
  4. BSA contender scope

    I am interested in picking up one of these for my 22lr ar15 Who here has used them and what do you think of BSA. Thanks Jay
  5. Shipping a firearm

    What are the proper procedures of shipping a firearm out of state and What method of shipping can be used. I did a search and found the rules and regs but not much on actual shipping. Thanks Jayvs
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