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  1. Time to buy a 3D Printer...maybe the best $10k I've ever spent...the new Cuomo Mag

    Got to love the branding on this idea Print and fire: 3D printing could muzzle new gun laws | Fox News
  2. Positive respones from state Reps

    Hi all, This is what I sent to Senator Moore and Rep. Kuros last night after watching our Governor display his economic and Constitutional legal prowess on television. I admit, this is my first direct reach out to a politician in quite some time other than giving financial support when needed...
  3. Potential new Massachusetts Restrictions

    Hi everyone, Haven't posted in a long time but wanted to get folks thoughts on two areas of what some politicos are thinking about for future MA laws Both of these I think are crazy and unworkable 1.) Liability insurance for firearms-Really? How do you even enforce this unless a...
  4. Marlin Papoose 70PSS Availability

    Thanks. I'll drop Fat Cat a line tomorrow
  5. Marlin Papoose 70PSS Availability

    Hi all, Been quite sometime that I've been able to post to the boards but am now getting back into shooting after a break. I'd like to pick-up a small 22 rifle that I can fit in my backpack for hiking. Based on everything I've read there are two options. Henry AR-7 or Marlin Papoose. I'd like...
  6. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith who knows his or her way around AK's?

    Got an issue with an AK receiver that makes a lot of contact with the Bolt when going in and out of battery. I live in Blackstone, MA and would take any recommendations of someone that really knows there way around these. Really at wits end with this problem.
  7. Glock Grip Reduction Service in New England

    Hi all, Haven't posted in awhile but now have a 2nd gen G19 and 3rd gen G23 in my possession. Problem is I have small hands for a guy (no jokes please :) and would like to get the grips reduced on both. Are there any local gunsmiths that do a quality grip reduction in New England or do...
  8. 10 percent coupon for Honeyville Grains

    Hi all, Received a coupon for 10 percent off Honeyville Grain orders till 9:00pm tonight. Honeyville make a lot of great freeze-dried and dehydrated foods Here is the link to the store Enter the coupon code LINCOLN and click Apply to activate...
  9. MA Police Chiefs blocking 'Katrina' legislation

    Had to look that one up. Oh so true though. Aggrandizement n. The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one's own importance, power, or reputation. selfaggrandizing self'-ag·gran'diz'ing (-ə-grăn'dī'zĭng) adj.
  10. NES Protest on Beacon Hill

    I'm in... We need to do two things. 1.) Organize 2.) Get a PR into the local news offices when this will happen for publicity
  11. Rust on older Glock NFML magazines

    Hi all, Picked up a couple older Glock NFMl mags that have some light rust on the lower round count windows. What's the best way to get rid of it or should I worry. Nothing on the inside liner, just on the witness holes on the back of the magazine and a little on the feed lips. Guess I...
  12. My Glock frame broke!

    Hi everyone, Do we know where Glock stands right now on this policy? Has there been any updates? Sent my 19 down to Glock for refurbishment and just got off the phone with them. Apparently, the frame has a hairline crack. They told me they have to scrounge around for another 2nd gen. Is...
  13. Glock Refurbishment Procedure

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a Glock 19 (2nd gen) with two of the 1st gen 15rd magazine for it from a buddy. What is the procedure to sending the pistol and mags back to get them refurbished by the factory? Anything I need to watch out for when doing so? Thanks in advance...
  14. What do you think is the best Ma Compliant Muzzle Break for an AR15?

    You might want to check out this product from Primary Weapons Systems. FSC556...looks good and based on review from com does do the job....
  15. M&P 45...Man is it sweet

    Why is nothing ever easy in this state...
  16. M&P 45...Man is it sweet

    Not sure why they can't sell them. They are on the LIST and Smith is telling Distributors they are good to go for MA compliance. I've gotten a call from another dealer that they have them as well and are ready to go.
  17. M&P 45...Man is it sweet

    Hi, The Safety is a full click up and down system. Seems to work well. Hard to get used to a DAO with a safety but at least the trigger is the same for all the USA. -Chris
  18. First Defense Firearms, Uxbridge MA

    Customer Service is really what's important Hi all, I've been dealing with Dennis at First Defense Firearms for the last few months who has done nothing to help my bad habit of buying everything I can get my hands on before the wife sees my paycheck. There is always something that tells...
  19. M&P 45...Man is it sweet

    Right now, only the full size versions are available in either black or mixed green/black. The mid and compact won 't be available for awhile and worse will come with the MA awful trigger as they won't have the thumb safety. Only thumb safety models include the normal 6.5 lbs trigger.
  20. M&P 45...Man is it sweet

    Here it new bedside security blanket and nightlight...well..that and my wife!!! Ha-Ha
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