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  1. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    Yep, this is what I'm referring to. Federal doesn't mean NH will comply. MA will gladly bend over and accept the shaft.
  2. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    So glad I moved an hour north!
  3. SIG P320 compact legos....

    FCU's are $350 free shipping today on GB.
  4. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Just picked up a Grey Ghost V2 slide in DLC black with a Holosun 507c. Just waiting on the Trijicon sights.
  5. Armslist mandatory upgrade.

    Still full of scammers, unfortunately. Location: MASSACHUSETTS, MASSACHUSETTS is a pretty good sign it's BS as well as a listing with little or no personal tone or real-world expertise written on the gun. If it looks like it's written by someone with engrish as a third language stay away.
  6. Gun And Ammo Sales Surge As America Transforms Into Violent Mess

    Well if you ever want to sell any 9mm or 223/556 I'd certainly be interested!
  7. Gun And Ammo Sales Surge As America Transforms Into Violent Mess

    Bought a bunch of guns in the last year, can't shoot them now without going broke. Sad!
  8. Sig 556 patrol?

    Found a 556 SCM on classifieds for $1100 about 1.5 years ago, almost bought it - bought the MCX Virtus instead for around $1700. My buddy bought the SCM though, having shot both, the Virtus was obviously a slightly stiffer shot being piston driven - SCM is a delight to shoot very soft recoil...
  9. Sanity saver!

    My dog, unfortunately, has episodes when he hears the c02 PST! PST! PST! out back even from inside the house. He really was shitting himself when I was doing baseboards and crown molding in the house last summer.
  10. Sniper killed on training course after 'big boys rules' led to poor supervision

    The mind boggles at the destruction of a .338 point-blank under the chin. 💀
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