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  1. Antlerless deer tag

    Quabbin Reservoir is the perfect snapshot of deer management in this state. Don’t hunt it for decades until the herd is humongous and badly weakened by lack browse and nutrition. The browse line was insanely high. There was literally nothing left to eat that the deer could reach. Then open it...
  2. Antlerless deer tag

    The sad thing is that we could have a terrific deer herd if the herd and land was properly managed. Bob
  3. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Finally pulled the card on the camera at my dads. Interesting coyote pic. There was a second one back up on the hill Everyone wants a free meal. The only fawn picture I got out of near,y 1k pictures. Strange for this location.
  4. Antlerless deer tag

    Zone 5 is one of the tougher draws. At least you have plenty of antlered targets available.
  5. Antlerless deer tag

    Try going in and see if you can buy it. Maybe you missed the pop up and it is available under permits. Otherwise you may need to call them. Are you sure that you applied for it? ETA: If you look under your order history you can see that you applied for the antlerless permit: Me too. Two...
  6. Antlerless deer tag

    Plus the deer had a mild winter so the herd should be in great shape.
  7. Antlerless deer tag

    It was a pop up when I logged in.
  8. Antlerless deer tag

    No worries. The “any zone“ tags go on sale September 27th.
  9. Antlerless deer tag

    I got a Zone 8 doe tag this season. Hopefully I can get out and put it to use. Bob
  10. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    You need to do more than your boots and pants. Do your shirt, Jacket, coveralls, and hat. I mix my own from concentrate by the gallon so treat all outer layers liberally. I also have been known to treat the seats in my truck if I am hunting with someone that doesn’t treat their clothing. Bob
  11. Antlerless deer tag

    It worked for me. I was able to go in and verify that I had applied for zone 8. Bob
  12. MA License Buying

    Same here. I dropped the Turkey, saltwater, and I’m not ponying up for the pheasant. I used to go once or twice a year but I don’t have a dog so I will just skip it. I debated about the ML stamp. My back hates the cold and I don’t get out much that late in the season either. Bob
  13. Antlerless deer tag

    I get the same message and I applied for one in Zone 8. If you follow the instructions below you can go in and verify that you applied and change the zone if you want to (prior tho the 16th). Bob Need to make a zone change? If you have already applied for an Antlerless Deer Permit, you can...
  14. What have you seen lately?

    Only one little one? You must have a lot of predators there.
  15. What have you seen lately?

    It’s always cool to see a piebald deer. Did she have any fawns with her. Bob
  16. Antlerless deer tag

    Maybe I will do better with my doe permits. Zone 8 has 73% odds of getting a doe permit and I get one every 4 years or so. My customer ID number must have been cursed in the old system.😆😆 Like @Spanz said, it’s a new system and a new company. Hopefully the antlerless permit lottery isn’t a...
  17. Antlerless deer tag

    As a general rule, I put in for my doe tag when I buy my license but the new system was screwed up soI had to do it later. Bob
  18. What have you seen lately?

    A well fed bobcat came through in a hurry. It’s great to see that the two brothers survived the season and winter.
  19. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Ruffled Grouse. Nice to see. Bob
  20. Traditions Nitro Fire

    Maybe it does season the bore. I have never heard that before. I clean the barrel and the bore with the BP white cleaning solvent and CLPit when done for storage. When I am ready to load it or go to the range it gets a swab to pick up any excess CLP and I load it never a problem. I I cleaned...
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