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  1. Full House BEC Polymer (P3c)

    Nice. Specs on internals / finish?
  2. New Acquisitions August

    Congrats. Bring that to the car shoot! If you show up I have a mag full of 223 you can dump through my M16 Majspud, Awesome piece Really good looking and I love locally made firearms.
  3. New Acquisitions July

    Open the bolt. Put a white patch on the open bolt face and shine the light in while it is perpendicular to the barrel. When diffused light off of the patch will give some decent light down the barrel.
  4. New Acquisitions July

    Very, very cool. Would be perfect with a registered pack or a sear....... What brand was the host gun originally? That should be going to the NES shoot in August to put holes in a car.
  5. New Acquisitions April

    Factory SBS, Mass doesnt allow anyone to convert a "normal" shotgun to a SBS, they must come from the factory as a SBS. Has a decent light built into the foregrip, too.
  6. New Acquisitions April

    Just got it in, 10 months wait and one tax stamp later... And one day short for the NES shoot....
  7. Show us your shotties!

    I would form 1 a sawed off double barrel in a second if this state would allow it. Saw Mad Max too many times as a kid to not want one.
  8. Show us your shotties!

    Form 4 signed by the Chief a couple days ago, sending the paperwork back to the FFL to get shipped off the the ATF and then the waiting begins. KSG short barreled shotgun. 13" barrel with 11+1 capacity. built in 180 lumen light on the front of the vertical grip. Sorry for the crappy cellphone...
  9. New acquisitions for May 2013

    So.........damn.........jealous......... If I knew what to look for, I would be SO in for a used mill and lathe. Way more bang for the buck.
  10. New Acquisitions for April 2013

    MA won't allow chopping a shotgun, only a factory original SBS or I would have a Serbu super shorty and have cut a double barrel, sadly. Serbu starts with non virgin receivers so they are verboten too.
  11. New Acquisitions for February 2013

    Dear God.....
  12. Accuracy through volume. A little NFA goodness

    3K is a real good price in this market, especially if you only paid one stamp. The Lage upper is fantastic, get the 22 kit for the stock upper and make it dedicated. My waitlist is somehting like another 7-12 months for the MAX 31, sucks that the AMP11 upper is not being produced as I...
  13. New acquisitions for July 2010

    Damn nice piece. I don't know which I enjoyed more though, the great description or the actual pictures.
  14. "Know your AR-15" challenge: Answers now posted

    Top: rear sling swivel, Bottom, changed hammer (no idea what kind), ergo grip, Stock, sully? triggerguard, mag latch, bolt release and selector brushed / plated? also appear to be anti rotation pins
  15. Finally GOT HER HOME!

    Wow, looks nice. Whats the consensus on a plated finish like the nickel for durability?
  16. New acquisitions for November 2008!

    Don't know which I want more, the mags, ammo or the nice looking piece!
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